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    Editorial Note: Please see bottom of the page for clarifications on Aurora's enforcement of gun laws.   

    By Hillary Cherry, Young America's Foundation Intern Scholar

    Around 12:30 am, a masked gunman opened fire on one of the 3,700 midnight showings of The Dark Knight Rises, leaving 12 dead, 50 injured, and one in custody.

    Liberals everywhere are wasting no time to use this massacre in an effort to push gun control and gut the Second Amendment. Mayor Bloomberg asks the Obama administration for stricter gun laws following Colorado shooting. Comedian DL Hughley tweeted, "Aurora is 13yrs and 13 miles from Columbine! Since the 60s over 500,000 ppl have bn killed by guns in the US we have no right 2 b shocked!"

    How will stricter gun laws bring an end to criminals having guns, when the laws against murder have not been able to stop them from killing innocent people?

    Currently in Aurora, Colorado, where the shooting took place, it is considered unlawful to carry a concealed "dangerous weapon,"* discharge firearms, unless by lawenforcement on duty or on shooting range (Aurora Code Sec. 94-146)**, and have loaded firearm in a motor vehicle***. Yet these laws were unable to stop James Holmes.

    Crime rates alone of cities such as Chicago and Washington D.C. prove that gun bans only increase crime. The D.C. police response rate is eight minutes; most crimes are done in less than one. Gun bans create a trouble-free world for criminals considering no one can defend themselves.

    If I were ever to face a situation like this, I would want to be prepared. I cannot help but think, if one person in that audience was carrying a gun with them, they could have saved lives.

    Unfortunately-despite what some of the Left have said this morning-this tragedy is an example of the significance of our Second Amendment Rights.

    As I look into the history of mass shootings, one detail stands out: most of the gunmen are between the ages of 17 and 24. In the Columbine High School massacre of 1999, students Eric Harris, 18 and Dylan Klebold, 17, opened fire at their school. In 2007, the worst mass shooting in our nation's history took place on the campus of Virginia Tech by 23-year-old Seung-Hui Cho. Currently, police have 24-year-old James Holmes in custody for the mass shooting that took place in theater 9.

    Why do these young people feel the need to take innocent lives? That question I do not know, but as a young individual I have a Constitutional right to protect myself. I should not be scared to go to the movies, walk around campus, or attend class.

    Some people seem to think guns are to blame for these murders. Not only did Holmes gas his victims but his apartment is completely rigged with explosives. Now tell me, did his guns set up explosives and throw tear gas at his victims too or did he?

    Mass shootings can be stopped. People need to arm themselves with the facts (and with weapons). If one law abiding person in the theater would have been carrying a gun on them, they could have saved lives.

    Hillary Cherry is a Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar for Young America's Foundation.

    * This ordinance banning the carrying of "dangerous weapons" was deemed "unenforceable" when Colorado state prohibited cities and counties from enforcing such laws in 2003. After talking to officials the Aurora Police Department, we found that counties can now issue concealed-and-carry permits, BUT in Aurora, it is still against the law to fire the weapon unless at a shooting range (or if you are an officer on duty). Therefore, it would have been illegal for anyone to fire in the theater. Also, the theater banned any and all weapons. Anyone without a conceal-and-carry permit in Aurora must also keep their guns unloaded unless at a range.  

    ** See Aurora Code Sec. 94-146a: "It shall be unlawful for any person to fire, shoot, or discharge any firearm; crossbow; bow and arrow; slingshot; blowgun; BB gun or pellet gun, whether powered with gunpowder, compressed air, or gas cartridges; gas gun; or any weapon whatsoever within the city limits. However, such discharge, firing, or shooting by any law enforcement officer, federal, state, county, or city, in the course of his or her official duty shall not be deemed a violation of this subsection, and such discharge, firing, or shooting at commercial, private, or public shooting ranges or by authorized classes of schools or universities at all times under proper instruction and supervision as may be authorized or permitted by law shall not be deemed a violation of this subsection."

    *** Without a conceal-and-carry permit from your county. See Aurora Code Sec. 94-144.5.

    • Readers' Comments

    • I AGREE 100% !!!! Lets register and have the right to protect are self or another in danger !! think abt this if someone during the 911 attacks had a gun I don't think those plans would of went down !!!
      Posted by Rita on 07/20/2012
    • If someone had been carrying a concealed weapon last night, some of those people would still be alive.
      Posted by Melinda Norris on 07/20/2012
    • Its bairly been a day and your using this tragedy to suport your own opinions! You should be ashamed of yourself! Some liberal complains about guns well new flash they always will! You dont even give a *&%^ about those poeple and their families who died!
      Posted by tom on 07/20/2012
    • Well Tom, I hope your aiming that spew at CNN and Bloomberg. The sun had not even risen and they were using the corpses as a bully pulpit. Or is it that since they are liberals, that is just fine with you? Fraud. "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one." Cesare Beccaria, Essay on Crimes and Punishments, 1764
      Posted by Toaster802 on 07/20/2012
    • Let me get this straight. CO is a shall issue state without preemption? The local yokels called city council can deny your right to keep and bear arms with a simple ordinance?
      Posted by Vantastic on 07/20/2012
    • First, concealed carry IS legal in Aurora. I grew up 5 minutes from this theater and used to go there as a kid. It's legal for ANYONE (excluding persons prohibited from carrying) to carry in a vehicle concealed for the purpose of self defense ONLY. That is in the Colorado Revised Statutes 18.12.204 and 205, ,206 if I remember correctly (may be different but close) However - I do believe, as this is the theater near Aurora Mall, that the theater had a "gun free zone" policy. The fact is, some of the persons in the theater may have been able to stop this before it turned into a massacre. Blame should fall on any party that believes in banning firearms, including government (MR OBAMA, ARE YOU LISTENING? YOU WILL NEVER GIVE OUR RIGHTS AWAY TO the UN) for violating YOUR right to keep and bear arms. Those who would enact laws that solely impact the LAW ABIDING need to understand - you are MORE culpable than the gun itself for the death toll - because YOU did not allow citizens who have concealed carry permits to carry on your premises for the purpose of self defense. SHAME on you all. I'm speaking to Obama, Jerry Brown, the Mayor in Aurora, the Brady Campaign, Pelosi, Feinstein, the theater owner/franchise, and all the rest of the morons. Screw you, you can't even defend our own borders. How the hell are you going to defend US? Especially at a time when law enforcement is being cut and criminals are being let loose. Oh, wait - that's right, it's not the job of police (as you say) to protect and serve us. It's up to US to be able to defend ourselves, and we want our RIGHTS to be respected and the Constitution followed to the letter of the law. Let COMMON SENSE prevail. I'd have shot the bastard in the head when he walked in the door with a shotgun. Or I'd have died trying. At least I'd have a chance.
      Posted by Jeff on 07/20/2012
    • 100% disagree..violence begets violence and guns kill..You hide behind you 2nd amendment so you can buy and sell killing machines and stockpile arsenals of ammo/weapons and other war toys Why in God's name do you need to have assault rifles that fire multiple rounds or other powerful killing machines that can do so much damage in short amount of time..I support your right to bear arms but not your right to have any gun you want.I know people if they want to kill will find a way but we do not have to make it easy..We need more legislation and regulation and make it stringent when buying a weapon or ammo,. You need a license to operate a car, you should have to go through a similar process to own a gun..I'm concerned about your groups views and ideas..They are scary and crazy!
      Posted by Bonnie on 07/20/2012
    • I call BS, Bonnie. 4,109 defensive uses of guns PER DAY - and that's a DOJ statistic from the Clinton Administration, which is decidedly anti gun. Now, there's far MORE incidents of defensive uses that don't get reported. You cannot stop criminals from obtaining firearms in this country. That's a FACT. And if they have them and we don't, then they have the upper hand, would you agree? You may lay there waiting for death to take you, but I'm going to look it head on and try to LIVE. I will try to save the lives of THOSE AROUND ME. I AM a gun owner. I AM responsible. AND YOU CANNOT DENY ME MY RIGHTS ANY LONGER. This guy was able to obtain guns LEGALLY - but weren't all those checks that you put in place supposed to stop that from happening? Weren't "gun free zones" supposed to remain gun free? What happened is that someone decided to go "joker" on people and they had NOTHING with which to defend themselves, thanks to liberal NUTS like you. I'd have saved your life too, lady. But the truth is no matter how much you regulate you will never stop people from owning guns. Crooks STEAL THEM FROM POLICE STATIONS TOO. Wake up to the TRUTH. It's not the gun, stupid! It's people like YOU who cause these to get worse, because you take away the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE!!!! Look in the mirror and blame YOURSELF.
      Posted by Jeff on 07/20/2012
    • If I was in that situation and that ******* started shooting. Would you agree that if your son or daughter was in the line of fire and I am a legal gun owner capable to deter that person from hurting your children. What would be your opinion after I saves their lives? Lefties answer that.
      Posted by Jesus on 07/20/2012
    • Being an Australian, there are many things I admire about the USA... but there are two things that I don't. And, you, Mr. Meyer, managed to capture both in the one article. Firstly, your commitment to a man-made amended document as if it were God-breathed and infallible, particularly the second amendment. The amendment (take a minute to pause and realise that, yes, it was an AMENDMENT, which indicates its imperfection) was written for ensuring your continued freedom from foreign powers, not for ensuring that any nutcase has the right to carry a killing machine whenever and wherever he wants. Statistics say that this leads to an increase in deaths by firearms. And before you say if people aren't allowed guns, they'll find another way to kill, again, look at the statistics... it's not true. And, for the record, Mr Holmes' explosives and tear gas didn't kill anyone... the guns did. Now, back to the Constitution... Americans tend to think that just because it's in the Constitution, it is unquestionably right. So, did that mean that it was right for it to take 80 years for an amendment to be written abolishing slavery? YOUR CONSTITUTION ISN'T PERFECT... and if you think it is, you're creating a very dangerous social and political climate. A side note... the Aurora local government might ban concealed carry of a dangerous weapon but it doesn't ban owning these weapons, does it? Apparently, all of the weapons Mr Holmes carried were completely legal and legally purchased. Making a law to say you can't carry something around in public because it's too dangerous is pretty useless if there's no laws saying you shouldn't own it in the first place. Your article title makes it sound like guns are illegal in Aurora, but, no, they're simply not allowed to be concealed... hardly restrictive. The second thing that angers me is the game you play of Left/Right labeling ALL THE TIME! I am conservative in my views on economics and social policy, but I am completely opposed to bearing arms. So, am I left or right? Stop calling everyone who disagrees with you the "left" or the "liberals" or even "the extreme left". Last time I checked, believing that guns are dangerous doesn't equate to supporting gay marriage. You place so much trust and pride in your political label that you aren't brave enough to wake up and think for yourselves and to ask questions of yourselves and your leaders. Even your media immediately started debating whether the shooter was Democrat or Republican... WHO CARES?! Your political stance shouldn't come as a package... you shouldn't have to choose left or right... on each issue you should choose right or wrong. I dare you, young people, engage in an open-minded and healthy debate about this issue rather than just saying, "I'm a conservative, I believe in guns!"
      Posted by Bek on 07/20/2012
    • Bek, before you can initiate a "healthy debate", do your homework and get your facts straight. Your arguments are fundamentally flawed. Fact #1: The percentage of deaths from LEGAL firearms in the US is tiny compared to deaths from ILLEGAL firearms. Fact #2: It's been proven that more gun control = more gun crime; and less gun control = less gun crime. Period. Fact #3: Your assertion that the Second Amendment was written only to defend from foreign powers is just wrong. Other stated purposes were: deterring tyrannical government; suppressing insurrection; facilitating a natural right of self-defense; participating in law enforcement; and enabling the people to organize a militia system. The Constitution of the United States is exactly what makes this country the greatest country on the face of the planet. The First Amendment allows you to voice your distaste for it, even if it makes you sound like a nutcase. And, yes, I'm a conservative and I believe in guns.
      Posted by Lynn on 07/21/2012
    • It is very sad that as many got killed and injured by some act of lunacy. It is even sadder that no one in the audience was able to mount a defense of themselved and their fellow man against the criminal in like manner. We all have the God given right to protect oursevles. Gun free zones are obviously, here and in places where shooting happend at shools, and others, not taken seriously by the criminal. What,?? Just put up a sign saying Gun Free Zone and that makes you safe? I think not. What makes me safer is knowing I can react to such insanity and perhaps mitigate the outcome to be fewere dead and fewer injured.
      Posted by vern on 07/21/2012
    • tell ya what Bonnie- let's go out late at night, just you and me, dressed for an evening on the town and take a walk. and if anything bad happens to us ladies out there on our own, I promise not to use my lawfully acquired weapon to assist you. you can just explain to the unpleasant men who have you backed into a corner unzipping their flies and threatening to make sire you don't live to make a police report that you don't believe in an individual's right to defend themselves. I'll respect your wishes by letting you handle the situation as you see fit. btw it might interest you to know that our entire continent was a gun free zone- back in 1492. go ask the indigenous folks how that worked out for them
      Posted by Dannielle on 07/21/2012
    • A gun was not involved in the first recorded murder -- when Cain killed Able. A gun was not used when Alexander The Great slaughtered his thousands or during the crusades when men raped at will. Guns are not involved in many of the horrific murders committed today. A gun was not used to kill Jesus of Nazareth. The murdering weapon in all premeditated cases is sin, usually driven by hate or self desire. Take away guns, take away swords, cannons, ropes, sling shots, knives, grenades, fire, shovels, picks and axes; take away every tool. Man still is left with his own self-will and his own hands. If he chooses to kill, he will kill. If he chooses to love, he will love.
      Posted by Philip on 07/22/2012
    • I am a gun enthusiast and own alot of them. But I am also a realist. To say that someone being armed in that theatre would have changed things isignorant short sighted and dare I say, cowboy like to the point of obsurtity (sp.). Allow me to paint you a picture: Its near darke xcept for the light of the movie screen. Some whackadoo lobs not one, but two tear gas grenades into a crowd of 300 people in this enclosed space. He starts to shoot, nearly 300 people panic and try to get away. You cant see much. It near dark punctuated only by the light of muzzle flashes. Gas burns your eyes, nose and throat, your eyes tearing, you nose snotting and you cough uncontrollably. All you can see are dark figures runing and crawling around, your ears ring with the sound of gunfire and the screams of countless paniced people trying to escape. Do you seriously think any legally armed person in that theater could have taken a shot under such circumstances without adding to the body count of the innocent? I think not. Give thought to your words before you write them. False bravado and hollywood magic does not apply to real life. Nobdy could have stopped this once it started.
      Posted by Rich on 07/22/2012
    • so what do you know gun control doesnt work after all big suprize here gun bans just ban law abiding citizens from owning firearms it never stops criminals from having them and aurora proves it!
      Posted by chris rhudy on 07/22/2012
    • I am a firearms instructor, and carry to protect myself and my loved ones. It is important to note that what this guy did is barbaric. Rich is right in that there probably is not much that could have been done to prevent this tragedy once it had begun. However, we will never know how it could have turned out had people been allowed to carry their legal firearms into that theatre. If the people of Colorado were known for exercising their right to carry, and it had been EXPECTED that Several people within it PROBABLY WOULD BE ARMED, I suspect that it would not have been a target. The point of a criminal is that he does not obey the law. He seeks and gravitates to places where he knows that he can dominate his victims, where they will likely not be able to fight back.Gun free zones are excellent places for this. For those of you who think we should ban all guns think of this: A gun is a great equilizer, it gives a 90 year old lady the ability to defend herself against an otherwise all powerful force. It puts the ability to decide whether you will live or die back into your hands, and not the criminal about to assult you. If he has the ability to decide your fate because you have no equalizer, well you can answer that one. I want the ability to decide, I want to be in control of my fate, I want the ability to fight for my right and the rights of those I love to live! As for Americans view of the Constitution and the 2nd amendment I believe this: the constitution is INSPIRED by God, and written by men. Yes they dabated and disagreed on alot of different things, but one thing they all agreed on is this- Men have certain God given RIGHTS, that governments should NEVER mess with, and the Constitution does not grant men any rights whatsoever, nor do the amendments, they only LIMIT the POWER that the GOVERNMENT has. Therefore the 2nd amendment is only a REMINDER to the GOVERNMENT that these rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. "If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism" economist Thomas Sowell
      Posted by TODD on 07/22/2012
      Posted by MAD MAX on 07/22/2012
      Posted by MAD MAX on 07/22/2012
    • We can all thank the American Mental health system too. It is a little reported fact, but I remember how in the late 60's Geraldo Rivera took a hidden camera into a mental health lock-up of some kind and put it on TV for all to see. Well after the entire US noticed there was a naked man ranting in a room of many other people, some people playing cards, some crying, and general chaos, well, the centers closed all across America shortly after that. That is the little know history of the beginning of the homeless people problem. Then all of a sudden, we had an aunt living with us who was hearing voices, laughing at the news of tragedies, etc. b/c she was thrown out of her mental health care home and had to live w/us kids and parents. Many though, had no place to go, and were seen in each town, the warm climates were the worst, under bridges etc. Before that, the witness of 2 people could have a person committed. Now I might be that unlucky if that were still the law, but I mean we have NOTHING to get people who are ostensibly CRAZY off the street, so I'm afraid this will continue until we do.
      Posted by Mtn Gma on 07/22/2012
    • There are two excellent books that you all should read: POINT BLANK, by Dr. Kleck. As a gun control advocate he researched extensively how guns are used in America. To his shock, he discovered that 2.5 million crimes are thwarted by private citizens pulling out a firearm to protect themselves. 2.5 MILLION per year! (most extensive study to date). The Clinton administration didn't believe him. They conducted their own study. 1.5 million by their count. So, even if you split the difference, 2 million crimes are stopped by citizens acting in God given right of self-defense. Dr. Kleck is no longer an advocate of gun control. MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME by John Lott, Jr. John looked at the crime stats of over 3,000 counties in America. It's the most rigorously comprehensive data analysis ever done on crime statistics and right-to-carry laws. His conclusion: backed by evidence, concealed-weapons permits reduce crime, and do so at a lower cost to society than increasing the number of police or prisons.
      Posted by TW on 07/23/2012
    • Where I live asking snomoee if they own a gun would get a "yes" about as often as asking them if they owned a car. The truth that when secnds count the police are ony minutes away is quite obviouis in rural America.I bought my first pistol a few weeks ago, primarily for home protection and to carry on walks and bicycle rides. You never know what kind of animals my pop out of the woods. Bears and mountain lions have been reported in my county. I've seen a bobcat on my back porch and in my front yard. Plus a wild dog or coyote is always a possibilty.As for doctors, my doctor made enough mistakes in my treatment for me to go elsewhere. Simple stuff like incorrectly running glucose test and such. We could save a lot of lives if doctors policed themselves better.I think I'll use Trey's response if asked. I keep my gun unloaded but the clip and gun within reach of each other.
      Posted by John on 08/05/2012
    • Danny,I really think it is bsucaee far left liberals are typically agnostic or atheists and their progressive causes serve as a kind of religion for them; hence Obama is kind of like the Messiah--futhering their pet causes, like gun control or healthcare. My problem is that many people who are not liberals buy into the Obama worship. I think bsucaee he represents some kind of change over the Bush administration and this is good enough--for the moment anyway. I think people are also tired of the negativity thrown at the Bush administration and are gravitating towards a candidate who they feel will "lighten the mood." Just think, everytime we turn on the tv or MSM of any kind, with Obama as president, the world will be a fluffy wonderful place full of possiblities instead of the hellhole it is portrayed to be now.
      Posted by Aman on 08/05/2012
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