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  • Young America's Foundation's Ron Meyer sits down with Senator Ron Johnson to discuss how young people can help save America. The Senator also answers questions about the possibility of becoming VP and about recent false allegations that the Senator plans to fire his staff.

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    • All those who are preaching agiasnt Justice Salami's return are of darkness and truly enemies of Progress.Ebenezer Babatope is from my town,but what value has he added to his immediate constituency,He is just nonexist as far as we Ijeshas are concerned.Throughout the regime of PDP in Osun state,nothing tangible was done. If not the period of grace we are he should not ex-communicated from us (IJESHAS).He should go to OWU HIGH CHIEF who brought those vagabonds to the West and share thier 8years loot.God is waiting for Ebenezer Babatope and his allies,they cannot escape God's judgement. He is a BLACK SHEEP OF IJESHALAND
      Posted by Harish on 08/05/2012
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      Posted by hkusmacmbts on 08/18/2012
    • Every Nigerian is guilty of cortuprion until proven innocent. From your date of birth till death, one thing is certain, you will hear, read, see, practice and partake in cortuprion willingly or not.Corruption is systemic and endemic in Nigeria, no one of Nigerian origin can ever deny that cortuprion is not only inborn to Nigerians, it is also preached, advertised and accepted into the culture.Can you actually cure or eradicate cortuprion in Nigeria? The common sense answer is a resounding No! But, it can be reduced only If we follow the Chinese Rule, steal more than average annual income, face death penalty. Can this be done in Nigeria? I bet no since we practice africracy in Nigeria, government of the thieves, for the thieves, by the thieves, headed by a shoeless Otueke donkey.
      Posted by Tarihi on 10/16/2012
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      Posted by 220706 on 08/07/2015
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      Posted by 394093 on 08/11/2015
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