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  • The Blaze Reports on Antisemitism Against YAF Activist at Rutgers

    4/6/2012 4:51:43 PM Posted by Application Administrator

    blazemarcusfake2From Billy Hallowell at The Blaze

    In December, The Blaze penned a report about Jewish students at Rutgers who claim that they have been harassed, intimidated and discriminated against on campus. One of those students, Aaron Marcus, came forward to discuss what he believes is an anti-Semitic environment. This week, as the battle over the climate at Rutgers continues, Marcus finds himself at the center of what he believes is a cruel, un-called for and anti-Jewish attack.

    In what Young America‘s Foundation’s Ron Meyer called “a sick attempt to be funny, The Daily Medium — a satirical, student-led campus newspaper — published a fake article attributed to Marcus. The piece, which was titled, “What About the Good Things Hitler Did?” and published along with a picture of the Jewish student, was penned to appeared as though Marcus had written it.

    Full article: *THE BLAZE*

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