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  • Stony Brook University: Keep the Old CalendarThe war on religion goes beyond Big Government's attacks onreligious liberty. In fact, attacks on religious practice are muchmore prevalent in our education system. A perfect example happenedlast week whenStony Brook University decided to stop cancelling class for Jewishand Christian holidays (as reported by Fox News, RushLimbaugh, and others).

    The reason? Charles Robbins, vice provostfor undergraduate education, said, "As a secular university, as astate-funded university our priority must be to maximizeinstructional opportunities for our students."

    By inference, Robbins is saying that religious holidays takeaway instructional opportunities. In a literal sense this may betrue, but remember, students will now be forced to choose to missclass on these days to attend church. If they choose God, theywon't receive school instruction that day anyway.

    Forcing secularism down the throats of students is unacceptable.But apparently to Robbins, it's no big deal. He said, "First andforemost, it's important to note that while I respect everyone'sconcerns, the reality is it's a relatively small number of peoplewho are upset."

    We'll see about that.

    The Young Americans forFreedom chapter at Stony Brook is starting a petition to bring Judeo-Christian holidays back tocampus.

    Rachael Doukas, the chairman of the YAFchapter, said this in a statement:

    "Long Island's history and culture is largely Judeo-Christianwith a recognition of their various traditions and celebrations.Stony Brook is representative of this general demographic trend andit simply would be unfair to the students to have such a change totheir long standing holiday traditions. In removing theseholidays, now Stony Brook students have to choose between theirreligion and education, and students who are observant will be puta  at a disadvantage."

    View and sign Stony Brook YAF chapter's petitionhere:

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