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  • Andrew Breitbart: The Loss of a Conservative Icon

    3/1/2012 9:29:01 AM Posted by Cheri Cerame

    The staff and board of Young America's Foundation mourn the loss of conservative icon Andrew Breitbart. He was an example for courageous young activists of what they could accomplish, armed with only a laptop, an internet connection, and a thirst for truth. Andrew taught students the value of looking beyond the surface of the news and encouraged a healthy skepticism of the claims of Big Government. He viscerally understood that our Movement needed to energetically embrace new forms of communication, and, particularly, that it needed to reach young people who are beset by the Left's lies and distortions. 

    Though often criticized and attacked, Andrew was most often right. Andrew was scrupulous in his facts; in the rare case when he was wrong, he was quick and courageous in owning up to his mistake. 

    It was a pleasure to work with Andrew. Our prayers are with his wife, Susannah, and their four children.

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    • 117, or 3, or 11, that would not have bothered me. But, he awensred with an even number. Does he think he holds the tiebreaker? Would you if it's true categorize his saying 8 as a 1) innocent mistake? 2) evidence of his dunderheadedness we all have when it comes to Akademia and appreciating the checks and balances of three branches of government, 3) a meaningless number he threw out there he couldn't care less how many justices there are, or 5) a complete, neanderthal-like guess, completely innocent of a need to know, that there is intelligent life in the room. So, I was curious on your take on his 8. Next, probably more important even, is this Rick Perry deepthroat mystery: what deal did he broker with newt for giving him South Carolina? Will he be V.P. you think, or, better yet, maybe get the nod for an enlarged Supreme Court Justice and become the 9th on the Court? That's what I'm thinking. Not just a Supreme Court, but one that can break a tie! Like a Super Supreme Court maybe. (sigh). Thanks.
      Posted by Ednildo on 09/18/2012
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