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  • BachmannrrcThe Washington Times Online EditionFrom Jennifer Harper's "Inside the Beltway" column in the Washington Times:


    Rep. Michele Bachmann has not lost her edge: The former [...] presidential hopeful recently delivered a speech titled “Obama Administration’s Arab Spring Turns Into Radical Islamic Winter” at the Ronald Reagan Ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif. Mrs. Bachmann rued the White House decision to issue a public apology after U.S. servicemen mistakenly burned 70 Korans in Afghanistan, sparking anti-American riots and attacks.

    “The United States is not the problem in this equation. The American soldier is not the problem in this equation. President Obama had no business issuing an apology in this equation,” Mrs. Bachmann said. “This is a serious situation. Recognize, as Ronald Reagan did, the evil in the world. Do not ever put duct tape over your mouth, and not talk about or point out what this evil is. That is the beginning of defeating evil. By pointing it out, and ultimately taking it out.”

    Full Article: *Washington Times*

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      Posted by Rizki on 02/15/2013
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