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    1/6/2012 10:44:56 AM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    Cal Poly Epic Fail Fliers2012 will bring greater attention to national issues and students on campus will need to hear the conservative viewpoint. Now is the perfect time for you to showcase conservative ideas and Young America's Foundation helps make your activism easy by providing you with a number of opportunities to advance conservatism.

    Young Americans for Freedom

    If you are not already involved with a conservative club at your high school or college campus, then start a Young Americans for Freedom chapter. Even if you already have an established conservative club, starting a YAF chapter will help you build a greater coalition on campus. Often there are a number of liberal groups on college and high school campuses that are run by the same group of people. Conservatives should take advantage of this strategy as well.

    We provide you with all the necessary resources to get started. Learn more about the benefits of starting a YAF chapter here!

    Conservative Speakers

    Malkin at SyracuseYou can host a prominent leader of the Conservative Movement at your campus. Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Andrew Breitbart, Stephen Moore, and Bay Buchanan are already scheduled to speak. You can reach hundreds, if not thousands of students with just one event. We will provide you with both logistical and financial support. Check out our list of more than 70 conservative speakers or contact us now to get started.

    Campus Conservative Battleplan

    Are you unsure of what campus activities you should organize this spring? Do you or your club wonder how you can make an impact on campus? Then order your free copy of the Campus Conservative Battleplan. This month-by-month guide provides specific activities you can organize each month of the school year.

    Spring Campus Initiatives

    Similarly, we have a number of campus initiatives highlighted on our website with free downloadable materials including celebrating Ronald Reagan's Birthday, March Liberal Madness, GPA Redistribution Petition, and the "Save the Earth from Environmental Extremism" fliers. Check them out now

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