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  • 11hetopp10By Ron Meyer, Young America's Foundation

    Published by Human Events:

    2011 was a year for many offenses against the American traditions of truth, justice and freedom.  Among some of the most grievous are to found in the world of Academia.  To close-out the year, we at YAF present the Politically Correct Offenses on campus:

    10.    Washington and Jefferson College Endorses Condom-Decorated Christmas Tree

    In one of the most bizarre campus-related stories of the year, Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania, endorsed a condom-decorated Christmas tree in one of the main halls of the school. The tree, which was sponsored by the Gay-Straight Alliance, also had a sign telling students to “take one.”

    After students raised concerns that this display disrespected the spirit of the holiday, school officials defended the tree and said they’d approve it again. 

    9.    Georgetown Liberals Encourage Students to Interrupt and Disrespect Ann Coulter

    Before Ann Coulter spoke at Georgetown University, the campus’ liberal paper, the Georgetown Progressive, called for an “idiotic display of disrespect” during her speech, comparing her opinions to those of the Ku Klux Klan.

    Georgetown liberals also started a Facebook page “Hate Has No Place Here: Oppose Ann Coulter’s Visit to Campus.” Georgetown liberals argued in favor of banning Ann Coulter’s speech, even though the university had recently hosted Michael Moore. Georgetown provided $10,000 to fund Moore’s speech, but only granted $1,000 for Coulter. Progressives love free speech—but only for fellow leftists.  

    8.    NC State Dean Praises Mao Tse-Tung

    Students at North Carolina State University received the following email from the university’s dean, Jeffery P. Braden:

    “Finally, a bit of advice. The friends you make in college will be your friends for life, and will influence what you do and how you think throughout your life time-so choose wisely. Some of the best friends I made as a student were Plato, Henry David ThoreauMao Tse-tungMargaret Mead, and Maya Angelou. My colleagues are eager to make similar introductions for you!”
    Mao Tse-Tung killed millions of people during his harsh reign—40 million alone starved during his “Great Leap Forward”—but leaders at America’s institutions of higher learning continue to admire his dedication to Communism and Marxism.

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    • Readers' Comments

    • My university Carleton University in Ottawa, ON Canada members of our Student union have attempted to eliminate free speech on our campus by banning pro-life groups and groups that support pro-life causes as well as a gun club on campus because they say the group promotes gun violence. It's very scary to know that North American Universities are attempting to wipe away fundamental freedoms because of left wing interest groups and their ideology. keep up the fight
      Posted by Scott Gorry on 01/18/2012
    • Oh, how I miss our dear old friend, and the most genuinely American citizen, Ronald Reagan...tears well up, every time I think of how much we need him now, as this country spirals downward into the abyss that is Obamanation, but we will stand striong and make the Gipper proud, as he would have us do. A true God-loving Christian and great husband , father, and our grandest president ever. We must do him proud, and stand strong against the storms that we face from this year forward. I support this association, and wish great success, and pray that the impact yaf has will stifle the communists and marxist, as well as the radical muslims that are ready to take over and ruin our country, as well as the world.
      Posted by M. E. Richardson on 01/20/2012
    • I don't think there will ever be another Reagan, but we can hope. We've got Giuliani who is great on fisacl matters and national security, but a liberal on everything social. Then there is Huckabee who is a compassionate conservative on social issues, but a liberal on immigration enforcement, prison sentences, and he's made some crazy statements about foreign policy.In comes Romney. If there is anyone that can bring together fisacl conservatives and social conservatives, it has to be Romney. Like Reagan, he changed his position on abortion, but I welcome all converts to the pro-life belief. He's a successful businessman, and at a time when the future of the economy is uncertain, someone with his experience is invaluable. Is he a perfect candidate? Of course not, but those are rare. I'm looking for the best person for the job, and I think he'd do an awesome job.
      Posted by Evgenia on 02/14/2013
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      Posted by oboyvqnyt on 02/16/2013
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      Posted by hxkpladx on 02/17/2013
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