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  • r2fsYoung America’s Foundation hosted 40 students at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California, for the Road to Freedom Seminar.

    These students were doing exactly what the Obama administration ought to be doing: Learning about the ideas of Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman. Hayek and Friedman gave Ronald Reagan the intellectual base he needed for the Reagan Revolution.

    Westmont College professor Dave Newton, Hoover Institution fellow Ying Ma, YAF vice president Pat Coyle, Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore, Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute’s Michelle Easton, and UCSB professor Lanny Ebenstein spoke to students about how they can apply these ideals to their lives and spread them on their college campuses.  

    In addition to hearing from speakers about the roots of the free enterprise system, the seminar participants also got to tour the Reagan Ranch. The Ranch in many ways reflected Reagan’s economic view of the entrepreneurial spirit, and students were able to connect the deep ideas of Friedman and Hayek to the man who implemented them.

    Here are a couple student highlights from Twitter:

    @connorcaudill: Steve Moore of @WSJ : if we tax all who make $1M or more per yr. at 100%, it would not even fund Fed Gov for 3 mos.  @yaf

    @hunterligon: At the @yaf conference, was just convinced the Dept. of Ed. needs to be abolished. Reagan Ranch later, excited.

    @laurenepierce: Thanks again to @yaf for an amazing weekend at the Reagan Ranch!  It was a life changing experience :)) #R2F

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