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    /uploadedImages/Blogs/Coulter_poster.jpgCalls for Coulter to be censored at Georgetown have now turned into calls to “disrespect” her during her speech tonight.

    From the Georgetown Progressive:

    If we are not afforded with an opportunity to challenge Coulter, I would hope that attendees of tomorrow’s event give Coulter the same kind of treatment that some students gave General Petraeus when he spoke two springs ago. That idiotic display of disrespect for a distinguished General was disgusting but would be entirely appropriate for an unchallenged bigot like Coulter.

    That’s right. Liberals on campus find it acceptable to use disgusting displays of disrespect with speakers they disagree with. And, apparently firing outlandish comparisons to the KKK is cool too.

    The blog states:

    Imagine a student arm of the Ku Klux Klan existed on campus and their leaders got in touch with the Lecture Fund about bringing David Duke to campus. That idea would get shot down not out of disrespect for the Ku Klux Klan’s free speech rights but because racist, white supremacist rhetoric is unintelligible and has no place at a University.

    Coulter’s ideas in support of free market economics and a strong national defense are not comparable to racist rhetoric. It’s absurd and disgraceful to throw around such poorly supported comparisons. Once again, Georgetown leftists accuse Coulter of racism with no support or examples.

    And, campus conservatives at Georgetown never sent out such accusations and requests when Michael Moore visited Georgetown just weeks ago. Tolerance only flows one direction at Georgetown. 


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