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  • medillWASHINTON—Tyler Warman is too young to vote, but he’s been practicing politics for years.

    The 17-year-old high school student from Anaheim, Calif., is one of hundreds who have passed through the Washington area this summer to participate in conferences sponsored by political organizations.

    “A lot of high schoolers are apolitical and that doesn’t really sit well with me,” Warman said. “To be in a big room with a bunch of like-minded students who are my age, I really like that idea.”

    *Read the full article here: Medill News Service*

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    • Dear Think [like me] Magazine,Why didn't you put up any flags? How horrible of that club to put up their club name and weitbse next to something they do! Ich! Where you really helping inform us by briging Huffington here, or just trying to promote yourself?There are racist, disgusting, ignorant, islamaphobic Democrats as well. Just because you can find some that are tea partiers doesn't mean that you can generalize.You think taht just because I disagree with you I'm narrow minded. That maeks you the definition of narrow minded, in fact. You aren't open to MY opinions, or any others than yours for that matter.Generalizations are bad.
      Posted by Thirupathi on 09/18/2012
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      Posted by 6872 on 05/06/2015
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