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  • Al Gore’s Climate Solution: No more kids!

    6/27/2011 4:21:46 PM Posted by Ron Meyer

    Gore2By Janie Abel

    Just when you thought that the leftist environmental movement couldn’t get any more radical, a shift towards eugenics-driven policy proves otherwise.  And with the hysteria that climate talk has created, young Americans are quick to accept any solution the Left proposes, without giving it a second thought.

    This past week, Al Gore spoke in New York City, where he advocated human population control as the key to preventing climate change.  To reduce pollution, he says, we need to “stabilize the population, and one of the principle ways of doing that is to empower and educate girls and women.”  Gore’s method of “educating” and “empowering” women is to provide birth control and sex education to women in developing countries, so that they “feel comfortable having small families.”

    Gore’s hypocrisy only begins with the fact that he has four children of his own, and yet wants to decrease the size of other families.  Third world countries — not the United States — are the target of Gore’s population control advocacy. 

    His efforts for “empowerment” have less to do with women’s rights globally, and more to do with his elitist goal of lowering the birth rates in certain societies. 

    Environmentalism has taken a turn towards population reduction in the world’s least-developed countries, eerily echoing the agenda of Planned Parenthood founder, and often-considered racist, Margaret Sanger. Sanger advocated sterilization in the early half of the twentieth century to cleanse the world of its “human weeds,” or those she designated “unfit” to have children.  She believed birth control should be used to create “a race of thoroughbreds” and to contribute to the elimination of minority races.

    Most Americans undoubtedly find Sanger’s efforts reprehensible, but because radical environmentalism has such a strong grasp on some Americans, particularly young Americans on college campuses, desperation to control global warming has caused them to cling to any solution possible. 

    Films like “An Inconvenient Truth” and the mass efforts for people to “go green” have led people to believe that the apocalypse is nearing, and they need to take all measures towards self-preservation, no matter how draconian.

    Liberal documentaries play a large role in the indoctrination that makes proposals like Gore’s seem acceptable and feasible.  Khushboo Rami, an events associate at Campus Progress, a division of the Center for American Progress, says that her organization supplies films for up to fifteen universities a semester, and has held screenings in the past at Louisiana State, Ohio State, Florida State, Penn State and UC Santa Barbara.  Films distributed like this, including an “Inconvenient Truth,” often find their way into the classroom.

    Conservative students can combat the hysteria and delusion that accompanies environmental propaganda.  Hosting a conservative speaker who advocates the importance of human life and progress, such as Ann McElhinney, Phelim McAleer, and Chris Horner, can counter Al Gore’s message.

    Janie Abel is a Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar at Young America's Foundation.

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    • Well, The Leftist Media and their rather uninformed (by hard science standards; see Barbara Streisand)) Hollywood elitist friends push forth their pseudo-science of man-made global warming. This doctrine is ignorant of such facts as "The Little Ice Age" (1500's through the late 19th century). Yes, it is getting warmer overall, but can not we examine the cycles that alternate warmer and cooler? The prior medieval warm period was before man was burning those demonic fossil fuels (but cows still farted). Respectfully, Curt, Northeastern Illinois University
      Posted by kurt on 07/01/2011
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