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  • David Kim with Canvas Millions watched Baja Fresh CEO David Kim's inspirational prayer on CBS' hit reality TV series, "Undercover Boss," on Sunday evening.

    As Jason Mattera reported in Human Events:

    "Christian conservatives often decry the silencing of faith by major network television. People of faith had their breath taken away by what they witnessed, sparking a Facebook and Twitter avalanche of support and praise.”

    On Facebook, Kini Se remarked, “Loved the episode of 'Undercover Boss' last night.  It is the BEST one yet.  It is great to see you praising the Lord on National television.  The entire time, I had tears running down my face.  It was real, it was true and inspirational.  God bless you and your family."

    Chris Connor on Twitter wrote, “Loving that #undercoverboss has a positive Christian perspective features tonight—about time we have a good depiction in the media.” 

    David Kim is a very successful entrepreneur with a total of 400 franchises stretching across 29 states.  Mr. Kim spoke to students with a speech entitled “Capitalism Fuels Freedom” at Young America’s Foundation’s West Coast Leadership Conference in 2009.  Clickhere to listen to Mr. Kim’s full speech.

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    • With regards to all your qtuesions about ghettoes and various neighborhoods, I will say this:1) New York City is among the most racist places in the United States. Interestingly, much of our media is based in New York City. Thus, a lot of our news, and humor is race-based, and sometimes outright racist. For instance, were it not for the fact that the media came out of NYC, no one would pay attention to a fool like Al Sharpton. No one would make a movie like Good Fellas (in which everyone fits a racial stereotype). 2) ghettoes are what happens when people can not assimilate. Ghettoes in the U.S. have traditionally been havens for first-generation immigrants, and blacks who find themselves ostracized from our society by generational moral degradation. Hey, maybe I'm too middle class, but I get along with people of various races, and most people I know do as well.3) You are correct that people are emotional creatures and not purely reason-based. My opinion is we ought to expect people to behave morally in our society. Human beings have a choice of whether to be like animals ruled by instincts, or whether to act more in accordance with the God who created them.Which would you rather promote?I understand the trust issues involved. Can we trust others to behave well? Do we want to take the chance that they will not? What will happen if our children grow up to be influenced by people who do not behave well?
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