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    Oh, those liberal anti-military college campuses just can’t catch a break, can they? First, Congress wipes away their former excuse for keeping the Reserve Officer’s Trainings Corps (ROTC) off campus, the Clinton-era “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy, and now the leader of the liberal Left is urging them to bring ROTC and military recruiters back to campus. Yes, you heard me correctly – President Obama actually supports our pro-ROTC cause.

    President Obama said during the State of the Union address last night:

    “Starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love.  And with that change I call on all our college campuses to open their doors to our military recruiters and ROTC.  It is time to leave behind the divisive battles of the past, it is time to move forward as one nation." (Emphasis my own.)

    Is this just empty rhetoric? Perhaps, but it’s an admission of guilt too. The President knows that a college campus banning ROTC and military recruiters because of anti-Vietnam sentiments or a federal policy that has now been repealed is simply unjust.

    Your move, liberal anti- military college campuses with an ROTC ban in place. (And no Princeton, forcing ROTC to operate as an “outside organization” doesn’t count as “opening your doors.”)

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    • pRhTzQ A big thank you for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.
      Posted by 178776 on 09/07/2013
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