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  • Princeton First Elite School to Deny ROTC Reinstatement

    1/6/2011 4:56:37 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    PrincetonDespite the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy being formerly repealed last month, Princeton University has announced it will not reinstate ROTC programs on its campus. While this comes as no surprise, it is certainly disheartening.

    Last month, we not only compiled a list of schools who ban ROTC on their campuses due to the DADT policy (among other reasons), but also questioned whether schools would lift their bans after DADT was repealed. It looks like we have an answer: a resounding “no.”

    Other schools like Harvard, Columbia and Stanford have suggested they will consider welcoming back ROTC programs on campus now that DADT has been repealed. However, Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned of being too optimistic. “There are limits on how many [ROTC programs] we can actually create,” he said.

    These schools have been banning ROTC programs long before DADT was signed into law. Before DADT, Vietnam was their excuse. Now that DADT has been repealed, Princeton’s anti-military bias is undeniable. There is no longer a federal policy for them to hide behind.

    However, some will continue to argue that ROTC programs are still discriminatory, and should still be kept off campus. A popular new argument is now that transgender people are discriminated against.

    These stories are still developing, and Young America’s Foundation will continue to monitor the situation.


    • Readers' Comments

    • Princeton already has ROTC. Princeton said it won't change its relationship with ROTC after DADT.
      Posted by Eric on 01/07/2011
    • Please note that it is currently organized as an "outside organization."
      Posted by Evan on 01/10/2011
    • Mosaic DaveFunny, I don't see this as a huge step forward for anynoe. Gay military personnel still do not have the rights afforded to straight military personnel as far as spouses and significant others go. All it means is that gays are allowed to serve with no recognition of their relationships. The US Military gets the benefit of more soldiers probably more conscientious and compassionate soldiers at that and yet does not have to provide benefits for their partners, spouses, families, etc. Thanks for nothing. I guess it's little different than in most workplaces in the US and I'm more accustomed to living in Canada where gays have all the rights afforded anynoe else.As for this particular individual I'm happy for him and glad his parents took it well. Mine took it as well as or better than that and it certainly made me feel good/relieved. No matter how people take it, though, we can only control our own actions and move forward at cause in our lives or at the effect of what other people do or say. For those where it doesn't go so well, it's best for people to remember it's not about them; it's about how their parents were raised to think and believe certain things. And although it feels awful we can't stop our lives because of anynoe else, nor does it help us in the slightest to feel bitter about it. They believe what they've been taught and in some cases indoctrinated to believe. We can no more expect them to change their belief systems over night than they can expect us to change our sexualities. But over time they may come around and i pays for us to remain open to that.I think I'm rambling I've been sick at home for 11 days now with a bacterial stomach illness and have had little outside contact so I guess I needed to get some thoughts out Peace!!
      Posted by Nyonya on 08/06/2012
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    • as soon as you read about the attractive man that "HELL NO I NEVER THOUGHT NO MAN IS ATTRACTIVE" there by ineded defeating your own simple minded logic. It defeats your logic by stating that you never choose to like women instead it was innate to you, and of course if being straight is innate to you why is it not innate in all homosexual male or females? Also Diogenes is correct if your logic is wrong (which it is) because if these gay or straight men women can not choose who they are attracted to we are solely discriminating against them on something that is innate to humans , in who we are attracted to...Conservatives can say what they want and hold on to that idea of what they want America to be, but inevitably you will loose because conservatism by definition is status quo and intolerance while liberals are tolerant and forward thinkers who will continually move this great country of ours forward as we have since the beginning. And as you stated before in the Truman administration segregation was the big issue of the army and there were no poles on if this was the thing to do they instead did it because it was right. You will state well you are not racist as i hope you are not (as i do not know you i can not say if you are or not but do sincerely hope you are not that ignorant) but in those days it was not 50 or so years prior that many christians were debating if the african american had a soul to save, and that thought of mind still resinated in the minds of soldiers. You can laugh about that and say i would never say that but in your previous comment you stated that gays are "evil and deeply disturbed" and i think to myself that are you not that far away from the men in the army who were not that long removed from asking there self's if the african american man had a soul? I understand that I am a liberal a bleeding heart or whatever you may say but understand this I as well as Diogenes do not have to tolerate your intolerance, but just hope that someday you will question your positions and we hope for the best.
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