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  • World Laughs at America, Leadership is Speechless

    11/29/2010 4:22:37 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    A German news magazine reports: “On the whole, the [leaked documents] from the Middle East expose the superpower's weaknesses.”

    In short, that is an accurate statement. A nation that cannot keep secrets is not secure. But that’s not the concerning part. What’s most alarming is that our leadership not only faced this problem in the past, but seems content in doing nothing but allow the United States to continue to be embarrassed.

    White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reacted to the WikiLeaks controversy today by saying the While House, “…is, and it is an understatement, not pleased with this information becoming public".

    That scathing retort is the White House’s retaliation? Good grief. When someone forgets to put onions on your burger, you are “not pleased.” When someone releases highly classified documents that put national security in jeopardy, heads are supposed to roll - but not in this White House, apparently.

    To coincide with this recent controversy, we’ve put up a new poll. To respond to the poll, click here.

    • Readers' Comments

    • Frankly, as Europe (England,Germany ect) are controlled by Islamo Facists this is not surprising neither is the reaction by an equally Islamo Facist controlled White House. As for the "world" laughing I don't think so. America is too busy laughing at them. The Tea Parties, God bless them, have one more thing to bang Obama and the Left with. Freedom wins again.
      Posted by Sharon Faulkner on 11/30/2010
    • , Griffins speech on ...I think Red Squirrels blog site was very good!...As for absinug Women....well my Mother is a Radical feminist writer....and my recognition of the way Islamic traditions subjugate women informs my reaction to Islam. Remember that OAP who was savagely beaten...possibly in Oldham (one of many).....if I could have been part of the 'reaction' to that...believe me....I would have. The BNP has a legitimate argument.....just lose the Ethno Nationalistic perspective as you are missing out on many.....many........many supporters!The point is Nationality is about loyalty .....not skin colour.When I choose between the BNP and the Islamification of Britain....I choose the BNP.
      Posted by Paul on 08/05/2012
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