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  • Finally! A Movie for Conservatives!

    10/15/2010 9:42:34 AM Posted by Evan Gassman

    I Want Your MoneyTired of liberal films, like Fahrenheit 9/11and An Inconvenient Truth? Good news: Today, a conservative documentary is being released in theaters across the country!

    I Want Your Money will explore the vast differences between President Reagan’s and President Obama’s views on the economy and the American Dream.

    The film is being released in 500 theaters across the country today, which is about the same as an average Michael Moore documentary. Portions of the documentary were filmed at the Reagan Ranch, which as most of you already know - Young America’s Foundation owns and facilitates. (Why not come check out the Ranch at our upcoming West Coast Leadership Conference?)

    The film interviews a number of prominent conservatives, including Young America’s Foundation Vice President Kate Obenshain. (Become a fan of Kate on Facebook!) Obenshain and others discuss important issues such as the vast contrasts between Reaganomics and Obamanomics. Other conservatives featured in the film include Steve Forbes, Michael Reagan, and Star Parker, all of whom are members of Young America’s Foundations’ campus lecture program.(You can have any of them come speak on YOUR campus! Click here for more info.)

    I Want Your Money’s trailer  already has millions of hits on YouTube  and has sparked the interest of many conservatives across the country.

    To find a local theater playing I Want Your Money near you, visit

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    • Great for you! I like your choice of those featured in the film also! God bless, keep and guide you, YAF!
      Posted by Judy Doorn on 10/19/2010
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