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  • Van Jones: Spokesman for the Left on Campus?

    9/23/2010 1:34:22 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    The Left seems to have a new spokesman in 9/11 Truther and Marxist Van Jones, especially on campus.VJ1   

    Recent appearances include Howard University, UC-Berkeley, University of California San Diego, Princeton University, American University, Bentley College, Columbia University, Yale University, and Philips Exeter Academy, among others.  He was also a featured speaker at the Campus Progress National Conference and featured in a Campus Progress newsletter and video .   

    But who is he? 

    Obama’s former “green jobs” czar resigned in disgrace after apologizing for using inappropriate language and agreeing that George Bush blew up the Twin Towers.  His extremist views and questionable past include black nationalism, radical statements, and community organizing for Marxist principles. 

    This profile from Discover the Networks extensively catalogues Jones’ career and Glenn Beck exposes him in this video.  It is clear that he is a radical who is opposed to capitalism, free markets, and the founding principles that have made this country great.  Students already hear similar perspectives from most texts and professors. 

    He is now a visiting fellow at Princeton and a senior fellow with the Center for American Progress.  When Jason Mattera asked John Podesta why Van Jones was hired, he avoided the question.     

    Jones’ crazy sayings are documented here* and you can watch him speak to students at Berkeley here, including his answer* when a student asks why liberals can’t pass far-left legislation.  (*parents, there is some inappropriate language used) 


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