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  • Liberal Group Attacks 9/11: Never Forget Project

    8/30/2010 5:01:06 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    9/11 floridaHow can we even begin to respond to Campus Progress’ offensive, libelous attacking of the 9/11: Never Forget Project?

    Campus Progress is a project bankrolled by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress and reaches out to statist young people to, “help them to make their voices heard.” Uh-huh.

    If writing a hateful, vitriolic blog post about a widely celebrated project to remember the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is how they make their voices heard, then perhaps the Center for American Progress should think about investing their money elsewhere.

    The blog post cites the Campus Conservative Battle Plan, which highlights the 9/11: Never Forget Projectas the main event for September. Apparently, the group has a problem with what actually occurred.

    From the blog post:  “… the images of smoke billowing out of the World Trade Center, bloodied people covered in soot, stunned firefighters, and smoldering plane fuselage in the middle of a Pennsylvania field … for lack of a better term, ‘9/11 porn.’”

    “Porn,” is the term they chose to describe archival images. This is quite possibly the best example of a liberal group seeking to whitewash the memory of 9/11 to date – actual images and video is categorized as pornography. I suppose the news should stop covering the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by showing actual images from that event, the Holocaust Museum should be closed, and the History Channel should be taken of the air. Using Campus Progress’ logic, all of that is pornography.

    The irony in Campus Progress’ blog post is that they offhandedly accuse the Foundation of using the 9/11: Never Forget Project as a “rallying cry,” while writing a blog post to incite outrage among its readers. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest, folks.

    Whenever someone, or some group, attacks the 9/11: Never Forget Project, it is important to look back at this quote. The name will be kept anonymous to protect identity, but I will say the person is a 9/11 widow:

    “...My husband, the father of my two children, was killed in the World Trade Center that morning. We have since relocated to North Carolina, but living away from where the tragedy happened there are not many opportunities/memorials to go to to reflect on what happened that day.

    I will never forget what happened that day, but I am so glad that UNC-Chapel Hill, and all of the students who participate at various schools, take the time to do this so others can be reminded that lives were lost and that a tragedy did happen.”

    That quote right there is why hundreds of college and high school campuses do the 9/11: Never Forget Project every year. Simple as that.


     The liberal "THiNKMagazine," a statist publication funded by Campus Progress (which is funded by the Center for American Progress) joined in the fight to censor 9/11 today: 

    THiNK Magazine on Twitter 

    This is part of a larger part of an effort to whitewash the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Read more about that effort by clicking here .

    • Readers' Comments

    • Campus Progress uses the term "9/11 porn" to describe HOW the images are used by YAF, and NOT the images themselves. The fact that the conservative right, including YAF, uses the memory and images of the date to fear and anger towards Muslims, thereby appealing to baser emotions is the link between YAF and porn. Get it? Granted, "9/11 exploitation" would have been a better term to use, because what YAF actually does is exploit the memory of the tragedy for political gain: namely, to press for the marginalization of Muslim-Americans and to escalate the war on terror, among other things. If you had continued reading the article you would have seen this: "It’s not that I think we should be shielded from such images — in the proper context. In many ways the incredible footage from that day, much of it shot by bystanders who were in the thick of it, ushered in a new era of citizen journalism. The images and videos also serve as a reminder of just how palpable the pain of that morning still is for so many, which is why the use of the footage in this video, and others like it, is so disturbing. For these anti-Mosque protestors “if it bleeds, it leads.” After all, what better way to whip up hysteria and promote violence against Muslims — yes that’s the sound of a gun being cocked around 2:13 in the “Salt” video — than by showcasing that violent effects of jihad?" So, to reiterate, Campus Progress is attacking YAF for HOW you use the images, and not the images themselves.
      Posted by Simon on 08/31/2010
    • @Simon What does the 9/11 Never Forget Project have to do with Muslims? Its a memorial to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks. I don't see where you made that link. At all. Methinks you're just a troll.
      Posted by Not a Troll on 09/01/2010
    • Hey "Not a Troll." I'm not a troll, either. I was responding directly to YAF's attack on Campus Progress, and their incendiary and unfounded indictment, caused directly by a misreading of the article under scrutiny. This article which we are both commenting on is not about the 9/11 Never Forget Project, but, instead Campus Progress' calling it "9/11 porn." This original attack by Campus Progress is one I support and which YAF denounces. In it's promotion of the 9/11 Never Forget Project, a project which, I concede, does pay tribute to the victims, YAF, along with the conservative-right, does indeed aim to whip up fear and hysteria over Islamic radicalism (and, increasingly, Islam in general, thus you have prominent conservative figures like Newt Gingrich claiming that Islam is not a religion), which serves to marginalize Muslim-Americans in political life and garner support for the war on terror. And so we now have a state of affairs where an Islamic Center is Lower Manhattan is being referred to as a "Victory Mosque." The 9/11 Never Forget Project is part of the conservative-right's attempt to implicate Muslims and Islam in general in the 9/11 attack and in the war on terror. Did you watch the original promotional video? Please refer to that before commenting again.
      Posted by Simon on 09/03/2010
    • Here is your reasoning in graph form: 9/11: Never Forget Project is run by YAF - YAF is a "far-right" organization - some people on the "far-right" want to implicate Muslims - THEREFORE, YAF wants to implicate Muslims. REASONING FALLACY DETECTED.
      Posted by Not A Troll on 09/11/2010
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