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  • BACK2SCHOOL: Ready for a Fact to REALLY Upset Liberals?

    8/24/2010 4:59:25 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Photo: American ThinkerYou’ve heard it a million times: It’s Bush’s fault that we have a ballooning deficit because he started the Iraq War. Well, that isn’t exactly accurate – the Washington Examiner reported on some interesting statistics that show the stimulus program actually costs more than the entire Iraq War effort.

    Yes, you read that correctly: the stimulus program cost more than the Iraq War.

    The American Thinker blog put together a power graph, seen to the right, which shows that the Iraq War contributed little to deficits from 2003-2009. They also included a myriad of quotes from leftists blaming said deficits on – you guessed it, the war in Iraq.

    This fact ought to prepare you for debates with your fellow liberal students who will undoubtedly blame Bush and the Iraq War for deficits, the bad economy, and anything else that is wrong at the moment.

    Print out a copy of this graph and bring it to your political science classes – see how your professors react.


    • Readers' Comments

    • I love this article. Not only do liberals hate facts, but also graphs, tables, and research confirming them!
      Posted by Rebecca on 08/24/2010
    • The difficulty here lies in the fact that it your professor, a thinking man i presume, would not see the cost of a political as the be all and end all of the issue.
      Posted by Seb. von Stauffenberg on 08/26/2010
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