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  • Young Conservatives on the Rise: Meet Giovanni Tomasi

    8/11/2010 3:23:13 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    This blog post was written by Young America's Foundation Alumnus Giovanni Tomasi 


    From as far back as I can remember my parents had instilled in me the virtue of hard work, perseverance, and self-reliance as a key principle to succeed in life.  They also taught me to have a deep respect for the US Military, who are the men and women who stand up to defend the freedoms that Americans hold so dear.  Even before I knew exactly what to brand myself ideologically, I held this concept as a core belief.  Growing from there, I matured.  I discovered my Roman Catholic faith, and I began adhering to the traditional Catholic faith.  The Catholic principles of reverence to God, personal morality and hard work, coupled with compassion and love on an individual basis immediately drew me to the Church and complemented my views on self reliance perfectly.  These two facets of my life helped form my conservative outlook at a very young age, and helped me to realize that I was in fact a Conservative.


    Living in Connecticut however was not exactly the best place to grow as a conservative.  While not as bad as its neighbor to the north Massachusetts, Connecticut is still a bastion of liberalism.  Even in my High School where I attended a private Roman Catholic school, I encountered challenges to my beliefs at every turn.  I was taught religion by “social justice Catholics” who preached how conservatives only care about the rich and that as Christians we have a responsibility to support the poor no matter if they want to help themselves or not, and that the government should force us to do it.  They also espoused the view that the US military was perpetrating so called mass “war crimes” in the War on Terror. These false claims were largely based on their personal disagreement with the reasons for going to war.  These communist-pacifists hiding behind their warped view of the church made me more fervent in my beliefs.  Every day I saw both of my parents, successful executives in their respective fields, working 12 hour days often bringing their jobs home to work late into the night.  They made a good living but gave generously to charities on their own accord.  I also saw the images of the men and women fighting for our nation abroad, doing so with nothing but honor and integrity.  These lies that my liberal teachers espoused had the opposite impression on me, and made me even more fervent in my conservative views.

    When I came to college at the George Washington University, I was determined to promote conservatism and the cause to ensure that everyone has the right to succeed and inversely fail.  I first joined Army ROTC, so that I could train to protect the freedom of America from those who sought to do take it from abroad.  I then joined the GW Chapter of the Young America’s Foundation so that I could help promote the virtues of Capitalism through hard work and self determination, the traditional family values on which America was built, and the overall Conservative message that holds real promise and hope for America.  I quickly rolled up my sleeves and jumped into the organization.  As a freshman I served as the Freshman Executive Board Representative, and as a Sophomore I rose to the position of Treasurer.

    In my time with GW YAF so far, the organization has worked tireless to promote conservatism on the heavily liberal George Washington University campus.  With the support of the Young America’s Foundation, we have managed to remember the victims of the devastating 9/11 attacks when no other student organization would.  We also lead the charge against the liberal efforts to start gender-neutral housing at GW, as well as being the only student organization to speak out against our radical leftist commencement speaker, Michelle Obama, when even the College Republicans wouldn’t.  We brought Conservative speakers to campus such as Tom Tancredo, David Horowirtz, Chris Horner, and Jonah Goldberg.  GW YAF took the hard and unpopular positions for the sake of spreading the conservative message of common sense and hope.  That is why I was drawn to YAF.

    Through my interactions with the Young America’s Foundation national organization, I saw all the excellent work they did, and the work they enabled us to do through their generous support.  I was able to attend CPAC for the past two years volunteering for YAF, where I met big names like Ann Coulter and Karl Rove.  I was also very impressed by their annual Club 100 Student Activist retreat in Santa Barbara, California, where I was able to relax with like minded conservative students and visit President Reagan’s beloved Rancho de Cielo.  That is why I applied to be a Sarah T. Herman Intern Scholar with the Foundation.  I was elated when I was accepted to the position and began my internship this summer working to promote freedom and the conservative message on a national scale.  So far YAF has helped me to get an excellent start helping me get into the Conservative fight against liberalism.  Whether it is on the battlefield or on a college campus, I look forward to continuing that fight in the years to come.


    • Readers' Comments

    • GJ, Keep up the good work. America is better off because of young people like you. Remember that undoing years of liberalism is a marathon not a sprint - yet the sprints will condition you for the marathon! Our best to you, The Bullocks
      Posted by M Bullock on 08/12/2010
    • ........GREAT JOB,........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Posted by Michael Demech on 08/13/2010
    • Awesome job GJ. I know your political career is just beginning. You will be the greatest president of the USA this country will ever had. Need to get some bumper stickers and lawn signs made now. This will really confuse the stupid socialist liberals.
      Posted by Tom Redmerski on 08/13/2010
    • Hey Giovanni, Your personal essay is rife with typos and internal contradictions, but, this one in particular made me laugh out loud: "I also saw the men and women fighting for our nation abroad, doing so with nothing but honor and integrity." Really? You saw them - as in, you yourself were in the theater of battle, like an imbedded journalist? And, before you accuse me of hating the men and women who make up our military (some of whom are gay - and please let me know if you support their full and equal status within the ranks), please know that I have friends and family that have served, in America and Israel. I do believe this war is unjust, and that during the Global War on Terror, America has indeed committed war crimes, such as torturing prisoners of war. This fact is so obvious, well-known, and acknowledged by both the Bush and Obama administrations, that you'd have to be a particularly heinous, myopic, dogmatic, reactionary conservative not to acknowledge it! bad...
      Posted by Simon on 08/13/2010
    • It was a good conference, and I can't wait for next year. It was awesome to see and speak with interns like you the last night I was there-it was certainly inspiring (and entertaining! haha....)
      Posted by Stephanie on 08/13/2010
    • I find the fact that "social rights activists," "civil rights activists," and "free love supporters," denounce bigotry is a very funny one indeed. Seriously, if you call any dissenter a bigot, does it not imply that you are one yourself? Why do LGBT creatures want marriage rights anyway? Because of a few idiot Presidents (even a "conservative!"), marriage is given a negative incentive. Think of all those single parent welfare issues. We are promoting sloth. Look at the public schools. Those in the EU can laugh at our world-class dunces, and for good reason! Have you noticed that most gay-tolerant (sorry for the colloquialism, but I did not feel like getting hypertension AND CTS) nations have past their golden ages? I would say that ours was when all humans were regarded as equal AT BIRTH. Now you may say that gays are born that way, but then again, are we, as straights, not born that way as well? Are violent serial killers not born that way too? The human genome almost exclusively encodes for a framework, a figurative skeleton, if you will, for an adult. It determines the relative (occasionally, absolute) positions of the organs and the precise structure of the proteins. Amniotic hormones can affect (yes, with the "A," not the "E!") human development, but then, sex is still the choice of the individual. Immorality has no place in a thriving society. Our nation is crumbling without its mortar: the classic family. As divorce rates approach 50%, it is no surprise that many seek pleasure in drugs, smoke, alcohol, and sex. One can only wonder why you liberals would choose to destroy our nation unless you were, willingly or not, part of the terrorists' plot to destroy America from the inside. They have little hope using military measures, so why not perform a classic cultural take-over? It does save the believers they desperately need.
      Posted by J'accuse...! on 01/10/2011
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