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  • Kagan's Victory is a Defeat for Students Nationwide

    8/5/2010 4:45:52 PM Posted by Cheri Cerame

    Young America’s Foundation is appalled to learn the news that despite dismal approval ratings and a despicable record, Attorney General Kagan has been confirmed to sit on the highest court in the land, the United States Supreme Court.

    There are a multitude of reasons we fought this nomination. Kagan signed an amicus brief encouraging the Supreme Court to strike down the Soloman Amendment, legislation designed to defend military recruitment and participation in ROTC on campuses across the country.

    Kagan throughout her career continually trampled on student and individual rights. Kagan enacted an Apartheid system which prevented students from meeting military recruiters at the Harvard Office of Career Services (OCS) while she was Dean at Harvard Law School.

    Kagan argued in the past that the government has the right to censor publications. This has earned Kagan a 47% unfavorable rating, according to a Rasmussen Poll taken during the hearings.

    In addition, while Kagan was at Princeton, she wrote a thesis lamenting the decline of socialism in America, drastically underscoring her sympathetic views to the socialist cause.
    All of these reasons should have been enough to disqualify Elena Kagan from being considered for the Supreme Court. Sadly, that was not the case.

    Ron Robinson, president of Young America’s Foundation, said, “The rights of students and all Americans are in greater jeopardy because this Leftist elitist now has a lifetime power base to attack our freedoms.”

    Young America’s Foundation announced “Keep Out Kagan Day .” On June 8, concerned citizens nationwide called their Senators and urged them to, “Keep out Kagan.” Unfortunately, most Senators did not get the overwhelming message.

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    • Boonton,You are irrational when it comes to Mr Thomas and Mr Scalia it seems. For exlmpae, Mr Scalia ventured in light of the SCOTUS ruling regarding the Special Prosecutor noted exactly what you suspect he would not suggest. That the S.P. is all well and good now but that when the other party was in power that they would regret creating such powers. So, the suggestion that Mr Scalia (and by proxy apparently) Mr Thomas don't realize that one party is not in power all the time is just partisan stupidity on your part. Actually ‘listening to the other side’ came from conservatives who’ve stated that they appreciated her efforts to bring right wing scholars to Harvard Law’s faculty.That assertion makes no sense in the context and quote to which you attributed the sentiment.
      Posted by Ideias on 11/27/2015
    • how do you know you have the best health care in the world? <a href="">bcaeuse</a> you pay so much? America had the best health care in the world before government invaded the business through private insurance regulations mandated by government authority. businesses have much more sincerity/integrity when they aren't under mandates of government rule. Freedom isn't controlled by government and ones health is a part of ones freedom to maintain ones livelihood and the business is ones own to conduct within self governing. ones personal health is a responsibility within ones self control. Why would anybody trust that to government to control and to control the insurance of? The problem in America was induced by government involvement and is making it worse through the abuse of authority when the only problem from the start was not holding people accountable to their own expenses or helping find resources that would aid in the expense instead of obligating the expense to everyone uninvolved. Unless it's a pandemic personal health should be kept personal with the help of the free market (by free - free to run) and none of the government's business.
      Posted by Leandro on 11/27/2015
    • Actually since Obama's been elected the srpoput Iran has had from its enablers (Russia and China) has weakened & internally its President has lost all credibility with the Iranian street'. Just about every domestic appearance made by its President requires scores of police to break up spontaneaous demonstrations.Neocon iron fist' policy towards Iran? There was no such thing. Try the Bush-Cheney Lot of Talk in a Bag' policy. Just enough sabre rattling for Iran to rally its people behind a mantra of the big bad US wants to attack us' as well as rally world opinion if not to their cause at least enough to deflect serious criticism but no follow through and, most importantly, everyone knew they had neither the will nor the manpower to open up another front in the war.Global warming strikes again. National Review's satire' is kind of like Jay Leno and the Tonight Show ..there once was a time when it was funny, now when it tries to be you are just reminded of how far its sank. [url=]lluuhqflzcq[/url] [link=]ojubtdr[/link]
      Posted by Lucilene on 11/27/2015
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