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  • Senator Sessions Makes a Stand for Military Students

    7/23/2010 5:20:30 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    By Giovanni Tomasi, Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar

    The US Senate Judiciary Committee voted Tuesday to confirm Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court and pass her to the final full Senate vote on her nomination. The confirmation process proved to be a “vapid and hollow charade” as then Dean Kagan observed they usually were.Giovanni Tomasi HeadShot During her own hearing, she was able to completely brush over her record of knowingly disobeying the Solomon Amendment by banning military recruiters as the Dean of Harvard Law. Most Senators including so called “conservative” Senators have let Ms. Kagan get away with her dishonesty, and have already begun saying that they will be voting in favor of Ms. Kagan’s nomination in the final Senate vote.

     Senator Jeff Sessions however, did not choose to excuse Ms. Kagan’s past offenses against military students. He rightly proclaimed that Ms. Kagan’s answers on the topic reflected “pin, rather than clearly and honestly admitting or describing events that are, objectively, describable.” He also went on to very accurately categorize her misstated testimony as “at best inaccurate, and at worst intellectually dishonest.” Instead of playing games by rubber stamping a nominee to win favor with the current administration, Senator Sessions honorably carried out the job in which he was elected by looking at Ms Kagan’s past and seeing that she has a history of ignoring the law.

    While other Senators like Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina might choose to ignore Ms. Kagan’s blatant disregard for the military and national law by supporting her nomination, Senator Sessions rightly stood up for the American military and rule of law. As Senator Sessions accurately said, “Ms. Kagan clearly knew…that her actions violated the law.” But her actions didn’t just do that, she also endangered the effectiveness of military recruiting in a time of war, and relegated military students to a second class status in the Law School. Senator Sessions has bravely made a stand against the leftist forces that seek to cripple our military effectiveness at home and abroad. Now let’s just hope the rest of the Senate will follow his lead.

    You can read Senator Jeff Sessions case statement here.

    Watch Senator Sessions discuss Kagan here 


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