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  • Obama’s Unemployment Numbers Spin Machine

    7/16/2010 11:07:15 AM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Jon StewartRemember that whole argument that passing the stimlus, or the “American Recovery and Reinventment Act,” would save us from the recession and create jobs?

    In case you don’t, there was a report released by the White House back in January 2009 that claimed if the stimulus was passed, unemployment would be capped at a reasonable 8 percent. The report warned, however, that if we did not pass the stimulus, we’d be living in a doomsday scenerio: 9 percent unemployment.

    … The current unemployment rate is 9.3 percent (actual, not projected).

    In order to backtrack from this report that was severely flawed, President Obama has made the argument that if we didn’t pass the stimulus, things would have been a lot worse.

    His words exactly: “It’s hard to argue sometimes, ‘Things would be a lot worse.’ Right? So people kinda say, ‘unemployment is still at 9.6.’ Yes, but it’s not 12 or 13. … or 15.”

    Not exactly an economicly sound or persuasive argument. Heck, even Jon Stewart couldn’t defend that broken logic. (Watch the clip of The Daily Show here. You won't be disappointed.)

    So next time you don’t feel like writing a paper, write half of it. When your teacher or professor gets mad and says, “Why did you only finish half the assignment?” you can shoot back and say, “Hey, at least I didn’t write only two pages… or three.” That style thinking works for the President, apparently.

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