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    7/15/2010 10:46:06 AM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Stimulus SignDriving down to the Northeast Conservative High School Conference, it was incredibly hard to avoid seeing the giant road signs next to construction sites.

    “The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act – Putting Americans Back to Work,” the signs exclaimed. In Layman’s terms, that means, “We bought this sign with your tax dollars.” We all knew that stimulus dollars were being wasted, but this is ridiculous.

    The story doesn’t end there, though. According to ABC News, to buy and install one of those signs cost $10,000. Yes, you read that correctly: Ten. Thousand. Dollars.

    ABC News reported that the state where the Northeast Conservative High School Conference took place, Pennsylvania, has spent $157,000 on similar signs. Can you think of something more wasteful than buying a sign that says, ‘We’re wasting your money’? The very concept is insulting.

    So how much has been spent on these signs? An estimated $20 million. Whoa. When a liberal news outlet like ABC News raises their eyebrow at wasteful government spending like that, you know it is the epitome of wasteful.

    … But it gets worse. The Department of Housing and Urban Development sent stimulus recipients, “signage requirements.” A sample sign template was included that suggested the signs say, “Funded by: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Barack Obama, President.”  

    So how did the White House respond to the outrage brewing over these stimulus road signs? White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs shrugged it off, and was glad to hear that people are noticing the construction work.

    If you see one of these signs on your drive home, just remember – you paid for it. You really, really paid for it.  

    • Readers' Comments

    • Evan - Great Post!!! But why should we expect anything different than waistful spending by the Government? Propentnent of socialism always need to be reassured to believe or think that they are actually doing something of merit. In reality, all they are doing is extoring money from some in order to give it to others they select. Sadly however, they are taking this money from the next generations!
      Posted by Keith Thomas on 07/16/2010
    • this makes me sick to thing my hard dollars bought a sign. I work hard to help people who have less than me and then when I hear that they are cutting programs due to lack of funding that makes me angry!
      Posted by shelly on 09/09/2010
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