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  • Obama's Crackdown on Unpaid Summer Interns

    6/21/2010 2:49:55 PM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    National Journalism Center graduate and Principia College student Ron Meyer published the following op-ed on AOL News today: 


    Confessions of a Summer Intern, by Ron Meyer

    As summer gets into full swing, young people across the country are starting their summer jobs. Meyer1Some of us are heading to summer camp, others are starting jobs at stores and apparently a few of us are even crazy enough to sign up for voluntary internment.

    During my past three years in college, I've subjected myself multiple times to the supposedly unfair and condescending practices of unpaid internships. It's a tough life working without pay, making coffee, cleaning offices and performing menial tasks for employers who sometimes don't appreciate you.

    I had to work other jobs in order to save up money to pay for food and housing for my internships. While I got a comfortable stipend from the National Journalism Center, my other internships didn't pay me squat.

    Were these companies actually sinister, subjecting me to something comparable to child labor? Should I file a complaint with the Department of Labor? ...

    Read the full article here

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