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  • On the Eve of “Keep Out Kagan Day”

    6/7/2010 4:09:14 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Keep Out Kagan DayTomorrow, on Keep Out Kagan Day 6-8-10, thousands of people will flood the Capitol Hill Switchboard and urge their Senators to “Keep Out Kagan.”

    It is important, however, to remember why we are opposing this nomination.

    First and foremost, Kagan has proven time and time again that she does not buy into the idea that a Justice is like an umpire (simply calling balls and strikes), but rather she believes that a Justice’s personal ideology should affect their decision making.

    Not that it should surprise anyone, but the documents released by the Clinton Library last week are proving that Elena Kagan is liberal down the board.

    Put those two facts together, and you have a woman who is poised to legislate liberally from the bench.

    The liberal views Kagan holds were apparent during her tenure as Dean of the Harvard Law School. There, she trampled on students’ rights by preventing students from meeting with military recruiters on campus.

    As if that weren’t bad enough, Kagan was against ROTC, and even opposed the Solomon Amendment – legislation that is designed specifically to defend students’ rights regarding ROTC and military recruitment.

    Let’s not forget Kagan was once a student herself. As an undergrad student at Princeton, she wrote a thesis lamenting the decline of socialism in America – a thesis which reveals her sympathy toward the socialist cause.

    While Kagan was never a judge, she has given her opinion on a number of different, important issues. For example, in the Citizens United v. FEC case, Kagan revealed that she is in favor of censoring the Internet, television, and publications.

    Case and point: Kagan is wrong on students’ rights, wrong on government censorship and wrong on military recruitment.

    For these reasons and more, we are opposing Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court. We’re asking that you call your Senators tomorrow and urge them to, “Keep Out Kagan.”

    Stay tuned to The Quad tomorrow for updates – and be sure to send your call-in stories tomorrow to our Twitter, Facebook, or email them to

    Written By Evan Gassman

    You can follow our efforts to “Keep Out Kagan” on Twitter by following @KeepOutKagan.


    Or you can follow our efforts to “Keep Out Kagan” on Facebook by joining our “Keep Out Kagan Day” event.  

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