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  • Elena Kagan: Liberal Activist

    6/1/2010 5:00:44 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Elena Kagan The bad news about Elena Kagan just keeps coming.

    It was revealed today that it didn’t take long for Elena Kagan to become a liberal ideologue. During her time at Princeton University, where she wrote a radical thesis lamenting the decline of socialism in America, she said she, “absorbed liberal principles early.”

    Tie that with the fact that Kagan has gone on record saying that she believes that judges should make decisions while accounting for their views on policy and principles, and now we have yet another reason to oppose Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

    Kagan said that a judge’s “own experience and values become the most important data," when making hard decisions. Case and point: Kagan isn’t going to be ignoring her own feelings to do what the Constitution mandates anytime soon. Perhaps that explains why she is in favor of government censorship. (See: Kagan’s arguments in Citizens United v. FEC)

    Justice  John Roberts famously said he considers himself, “an umpire,” just calling balls and strikes. He is not pitching or batting, or rooting for a particular team – and that is exactly how it should be.

    We know how Elena Kagan “feels” on a number of issues and that her own biases will guide her decisions. This is not someone that should be sitting on the bench of the highest court in the land. Let’s keep radical activists off the bench.

    If you have not done so already, please join our efforts to Keep Out Kagan.


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