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  • Christie criticized, while liberal ideologues get off scot free

    5/21/2010 12:43:24 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

     Yesterday, our 17th annual commencement speaker survey was released, revealing the liberal bias taking place on the nation’s top 100 universities as determined by U.S. News & World Report.

    The news is buzzing about Governor Chris Christie’s commencement speech. Yesterday, Christie addressed the graduating class at Monmouth University:


    Due to the governor’s moves to limit the out of control state spending in New Jersey, a select few students were opposed to the speech. (Given the fact that the governor has taken moves to save students like the ones in the Class of 2010 from financial Armageddon, you would think he would be applauded.)

    Facebook groups were started to protest Christie’s appearance at Monmouth University’s commencement ceremony.  A handful of students, parents, teachers, and even one 60’s has-been all posted their comments supporting an effort to protest Christie:

    "Mike Nappe: In the sixties, we would have booed him off the stage and pelted him with donuts. Go MU grads!!! You will think of something but DON'T LET HIM SPEAK!!! He is the worst thing to hit our state since smallpox."

    The local media has picked up on the story, pointing out students that turned their backs to Christie as he spoke.

    “Drive-by” media outlets remained silent when liberal ideologues like Bill Clinton, Alec Baldwin, and Eric Holder spoke at commencement ceremonies – but when a conservative like Governor Christie comes to school, newspapers go haywire. Further, the newspapers fail to mention the fact that even though there were over 1,000 supporters on one Facebook group, the protest failed to gain any traction.

    The protest fizzled, garnering only a few standing students and a few scattered boos. The governor’s policies on fiscal responsibility earned him loud cheers and applause.

    Interested in learning more about liberal bias at this year’s commencement ceremonies? See the bias for yourself - You can download the full 2010 Commencement Speaker List by clicking here.

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    • Evan: It's obvious that you learned Fox News' style of journalism. When the story doesn't go your way then just ignore what really happened and make something up. It was humorous to be characterized by you as a "sixties has been". Quite frankly, I would rather be a "has been" than a "never was or will be" like you.
      Posted by Mike Nappe on 06/25/2010
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