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  • Administrators at Live Oak High School in California sent home five students who were wearing American flags on their clothing to school on Cinco de Mayo.  There was no mention in the dress code about certain colors and the rule was made up on the spot.   

    Flyer1234This action is a perfect example of multiculturalism and political correctness gone wild.  The administrators feared that the American flag clothing might start fights with Mexican-American students, even though two of the students wearing the colors have Mexican heritage.  If administrators applied their logic to the whole school, they would have to ban everything that could possibly lead to a fight: relationships, talking, grades, food, and many other routine items.       

    Young America's Foundation has a flyer (pictured above) that shows the contrast between a divisive, liberal vision of our country and a conservative, unified vision of our country.  Let's work toward a more unified country by ending divisive racial preferences and categorizations.  Download your copy here.   

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    • Exactly how I feel!
      Posted by Barbara Frances Delo on 05/07/2010
    • One must commend sneator Arthur Nzeribe for the above powerful article laced with cogent mentions..but sneator Nzeribe failed to recognize the efforts of activists and few courageous journalists who are tackling Gov okorocha head on ,why will sneator Nzeribe fail to mention the efforts of my humble self who have continued to take on Gov okorocha like no other person does and can do?Senstor Nzeribe as a old and wealthy democrat still have a role to play..The chief sure know media is expensive for some young democrats to afford,can chief nzeribe come in here to assist?
      Posted by Mary on 12/27/2012
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