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    4/19/2010 4:53:28 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    Ann Coulter at Northern Michigan University

    By Lauren Scirocco, Ramapo College

    Since transferring to Ramapo College of New Jersey in the fall of 2008, I’ve encountered many Leftist professors.  I’ve been taught that there is no such thing as bias in the media. My introduction to political science class textbook had a dedication to Jon Stewart—the same man who vilifies conservatives on a daily basis. I’ve listened to professors make excuses for the terrorists that murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11. My political theory professor once told my class that “Conservatives don’t like capitalism,” and if they took the time to actually read Karl Marx’s work, they would agree with him.

    Needless to say, it frustrated me to see that students were only hearing one side of the story, so I got together with my club and we set out to bring a conservative speaker to school.  With the help of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and Young America’s Foundation, we were able to book Ann Coulter to speak.

    As soon as word got out that Ann Coulter would be speaking at school, the campus liberals immediately began their “Ann-ti Coulter” campaign.  It started with a poorly written article in the school newspaper, in which the campus group, Feminists United, compiled a handful of Ann Coulter quotes out of context and admitted that they were “shocked” Ms. Coulter would be invited to speak on campus because of the “hate-filled ways she tends to express many of her views.” After the article was printed, students began attacking the Facebook event page the my club had set up for the Coulter lecture.  Some of the things written on Facebook, I could not possibly repeat, but trust me; I encountered a great deal of “hate-filled” rhetoric by intolerant, and poorly educated students. There was even a vile, personal attack against me.

    Perhaps the most telling example of how uneducated some of the campus liberals are, came when I was speaking with a “prominent” feminist at school. She told me that she would prefer to see many other conservatives speak on campus, but that Ann Coulter was full of hate speech. When I asked her which conservative she would prefer to see on campus, she could not name one.  She was so stumped that she called out to the other feminists in the room and said, “Come on guys, help me out. Which conservatives would we prefer to see on campus?” Sadly, her friends were of no help to her, and they came up with nothing.

    Feminists United began selling “Ann-ti Coulter” buttons on campus, and all of the proceeds were going to the ACLU and a gay youth homeless shelter (One can only hope that the money to the ACLU goes to help fund the 9-11 terrorist’s trials). There was also a lot of talk about the feminist and gay organizations on campus protesting the Coulter event—but not surprisingly, the liberals talked a big talk, but did not deliver.

    Fortunately, the night of the lecture ran smoothly. The Mahwah Police Department and campus security and Ramapo staff did an excellent job in ensuring the success of the event. All of the students—liberal and conservative—were respectful and asked relevant and intelligent questions of Ms. Coulter. There were a few crazies thrown in there, but even Ann Coulter was impressed with the level of maturity shown by the students that night.

    Hosting Ann Coulter on campus is definitely a step in the right direction for Ramapo College. Our school is dominated by liberal thought, and it seems that professors are teaching students what to think, rather than how to think. College students deserve to hear all sides of the issues, and judge for themselves what they wish to believe. This is only the tip of the iceberg for for my conservative club, as we hope to hold many more events in the future that educate students on conservative principles (since our professors are failing to do so).

    Lauren Scirocco is a campus conservative activist at Ramapo College.

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