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  • Teens Descend on Reagan Ranch

    4/6/2010 3:58:15 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    Reagan Ranch High School Conference student Harrison Otis from Freeport, Maine published an article about the conference in The Times RecordOtis

    Here are some excerpts:  

    "I had heard a lot about Reagan’s unpretentious “home away from home” at the ranch, about how it showed Reagan’s humility and down-to-earth character, but I still wasn’t prepared for his house. I expected it to be a normal-sized, stylized cowboy-style “ranch,” but it wasn’t embellished even that much.

    The entire ranch occupies 688 acres, but the main ranch house is surprisingly small (only 1,500 square feet) — so small, in fact, that my tour group of 18 had a hard time maneuvering through it.

    As the group followed the curator through the house, I pitied those at the back of the line who were always forced to be at least a room behind or around a corner.

    And while the house is Western-style, it certainly is not a hyped-up, Hollywood version of “cowboy-ism”; when I first walked inside, I was reminded of a fisherman’s Cape Cod cottage. Of course, cottages in Cape Cod are probably not made of adobe, but the rough wood beams in the ceiling of the entry room (that Reagan put in himself when building the addition to the house) lent the area a rustic air.

    In fact, more than anything else, I was struck by the house’s normality — I knew that the house was simple, but I expected it to be somehow specially simple. The house broke my expectations by being plain. It was the house of a president, but it was normal. I think that speaks to the character of President Reagan — he wasn’t a “career politician,” but a hard-working American who wanted to serve his country.

    "Reagan did not compromise on his core values even when they came under fire from his advisors, and it was because of that unbending commitment that the Berlin Wall came down and communism was defeated, he explained.

    That idea struck a chord with me. I want to be that sort of person — someone who never gives up on what is right just because it is unpopular.

    Reflecting over the events of that weekend, I have realized that unwavering commitment to principle was one of the greatest lessons I learned from the Ronald Reagan High School Conference. I hope to apply it to my life in the weeks and months to come."

    Read the whole article here 

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    • - Sarah,Been bringing my coatnx aria along to shoot a roll alongside of my digital (nikon). My mistake is not having a pro like Richard Photo lab develop and scan. thanks for the advice. But even so, I still do very little to my images and love them because I took an extra breath before clicking the shutter or an extra moment composing.Any suggestions for NY lab? I'm in Boston.Are you medium format here? Can't wait to dig into your other images. REally fresh and uplifting!
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