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    3/22/2010 10:11:04 AM Posted by Roger Custer

    The Young Democratic Socialists of America recently held their winter conference, at a high school in New York City named for Norman Thomas, a 20th century socialist leader.  West

    A featured speaker was Princeton professor and frequent nationwide campus lecturer Cornel West. 

    Here is a report directly from one of the attendees.  Note that the attendees call each other "comrades." 

    The three day conference provided a unique opportunity for student activists to meet comrades from around the country, trade stories, share experiences, and build the solidarity necessary to be resilient in the face of the overwhelming forces opposed to a true socialist agenda in America. The plenary with Cornel West provided a moving and insightful approach to reminding the audience why democratic socialism is something we must continue to fight for. 

    Young America's Foundation is proud to be part of the "overwhelming forces opposed to a true socialist agenda" because we are committed to the principles that make this country great.  In addition, we are proud to be against any socialist agenda (whether "true" or not), which is now manifesting itself in a massive expansion of government.  This summer, students can learn conservative ideas at Foundation high school and college conferences, and no one will call you a "comrade" at our programs.  

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    • Is "comrade" not a term that was used in George Orwells 1984 a warning against communism and socialism. Obviously some did not get the warning against government controll that the book issued!
      Posted by Rowlynda Moretti on 03/29/2010
    • Ob9tKf
      Posted by 39554 on 08/08/2015
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