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  • Government to Take Over Student Loans

    3/18/2010 4:22:05 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    President Obama's health care is not only a government takeover of 1/6 of the national economy, but also a huge government program  to take over student loans.  If these provisions pass, the federal government will take control of loans that are now subsidized by the government, but administered by private companies.    Obama

    This program is one more area where the Obama administration believes that the federal government is the solution, not the problem.  Ronald Reagan believed otherwise, and would have recommended that health care and student loans are better handled by private decision making and the private sector.  The roles of government are clearly outlined in the Constitution, and neither student lending or health care is listed as an enumerated federal power. 

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    • I first met Reagan when she was only days old and I’ve seen her a few times since then too, here‘s one.a0 I even love her SO much that I made her one of my three feature imgeas on my home
      Posted by Gurmeet on 07/07/2012
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      Posted by vzcgnmnim on 07/07/2012
    • Go on, enlighten us all, what's 'British faicssm'? Is it me? Is it Green Arrow? Is it anyone to the right of Labour? Do tell!Ok well that statement shows me what you know about British politics.....Who in the main stream is to the right of Labour!!!LOL!!!!Even Thatcher was to the left of the current Labour Government!LOL!....Not that I'm looking for a bitch session....and no Fascist doesn't mean we disagree!Forced repatriation of non whites is the BNP advocated for many years and no doubt behind closed doors ...still do...Do you think it is productive to label all people of the same ethnic grouping as being the same politically or culturally? Or is it more productive to build links and fight a threat that threatens us all. Islamification of Europe is well under way....fighting amongst ourselves is counter productive and is exactly what the Islamic agenda hopes to it weakens us as whole....Pastorious is my favourite blogger in the universe...infact I want him to run for El Prez! (which he won't do...!)yet I am sure we would radically disagree on issues of economic policy.....we are in a state of undeclared WAR. I look forward to getting back to the good old days when I all we argued about was more money for the National health service! LOL....Infact if the BNP dropped their white supremacist approach and purged themselves of the 99% of supporters who are racist thugs....then they may suddenly find themselves getting an awful lot of black is us that have to live alongside the Jihadi's....we don't live in leafy suburbs away from them.......So no, disagreement doesn't make you a Fascist. Physically and verbally attacking somebody .....before you have spoken to them....simply because of their complexion....well you tell me what does that make you...?
      Posted by Jia on 07/07/2012
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      Posted by jpuwiawernp on 07/08/2012
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      Posted by ipocaid on 07/08/2012
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      Posted by hiynvtf on 07/10/2012
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      Posted by 622326 on 05/04/2015
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      Posted by 5293 on 08/10/2015
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