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  • Click here to watch  Martin and Annelise Anderson coauthors of the New York Times bestsellers Reagan: In His Own Hand; Reagan: A Life in Letters; and Reagan’s Path to Victory,  from the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California.

    Both are Fellows at the Hoover Institution. Martin, an M.I.T. Ph.D., worked in the Reagan White House as an economic policy adviser and, more recently, sat on the Pentagon’s defense-policy board. Annelise, a Columbia Ph.D., was a senior policy adviser to the Reagan presidential campaign and was an associate director within Reagan’s Office of Management and Budget, where she was responsible for the budgets of five Cabinet departments and more than forty other agencies.

     In the Anderson’s most recent book, Reagan’s Secret War, they were granted unprecedented access to the Reagan Library's innermost vault. They discovered irrefutable evidence that Reagan intended to bring down the Soviet Union, that eliminating nuclear weapons was his paramount objective, and that Reagan himself was the principal architect of policies that ultimately brought the Soviets to the negotiating table.


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    • It is unfotunate we still have these two vadgobnas around. Who are Ebenezer and Oni ? Two personae non grata, mandates robbers, ursurpers These two are a curse on Nigeria. Ijeshas and Ekitis are 2 dynamic races but these two are dark spots, two Boko Haram in our midst. Pls let all reasonable Nigerians discard both. Justice Ayo Salami's case is a plus for the Judiciary.
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