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  • In Search of True Leadership from the 'Vacationer-in-Chief'

    8/22/2014 4:28:17 PM Posted by Ashley Pratte

    Obama golfMinutes after President Obama delivered an address at a White House press conference on the beheading of American journalist James Foley by radical Islamists, he strutted his stuff on the golf course.

    One has to wonder - while the family of James Foley grieves and our nation struggles to comprehend how such a savage act can happen, how is it that the vacationer-in-chief can happily play golf?

    While the United States desperately needs true leadership, in that moment of grief and fear of growing terrorist threats, the president makes the decision, as the leader of the free world, to not stand in solidarity with the American people but to act as though nothing happened.

    Commentators as well as citizens on both sides of the aisle agree that the optics did not look good - seeing photographs of the President smiling on a golf cart and fist-bumping celebrities moments after leaving the press conference were unsettling at best. The savage ISIS murderer in the gruesome video said that the very life of Steve Sotloff depends upon President Obama's next action - and his immediate action was to return to the golf course.

    I think we can all agree that the President of the United States has a lot of responsibilities, and the officeholder carries the weight of the world on their shoulders. But, in that moment when true leadership was needed, there was none. Instead of assuring and calming the American people, we were left shaking our heads in disbelief.

    Since the days after the tragic death of James Foley it has been said by Secretary Hagel and General Martin Dempsey that ISIS poses more of a threat than Al-Qaeda, yet we have yet to see any hint of action from President Obama. ISIS cannot be underestimated, and our country needs to rise up in the face of terror and show just how resilient America is. Obama has exemplified weakness again by not taking a strong stance on foreign policy, and America will suffer for it. Make no mistake, these ISIS militants are the enemy - and we need to take strong and authoritative action against this evil.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo Credit: Associated Press

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