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  • YAF’s 36th National Conservative Student Conference a success

    8/7/2014 10:51:06 AM Posted by Raj Kannappan

    NCSC2014CollageLast week, over 400 student activists from Young Americans for Freedom chapters and other conservative student groups around the country gathered on the campus of George Washington University to attend Young America's Foundation's 36th National Conservative Student Conference (NCSC), an annual five-day program that educates and inspires young people to bravely promote freedom on their college campuses.

    The attendees represented 41 states and 126 different colleges and universities, with the majority of them being newcomers to a Young America's Foundation program.

    As the premier conference for conservative youth, NCSC 2014 provided students with an excellent line-up of both principled leaders and courageous intellectuals, including Senators Ted Cruz and Tim Scott; Speaker Newt Gingrich; economists Dr. Art Laffer, Dr. Walter Williams, and Stephen Moore; Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint; Herman Cain; Dr. Robbie George and Dr. Burt Fulsom; and many, many others. Students were not only able to absorb the policy and philosophical lectures, but they were also able to meet and engage with the speakers afterwards. Attendees gained knowledge on various topics, including economics, foreign policy, immigration, and abortion, among others.

    Many of the speeches were streamed online, with the lectures focusing on economics being featured as part of Young America's Foundation's Free Enterprise 101 online course. Remote viewers were also able to submit questions online in order to enjoy an interactive viewing experience. 

    The speakers focused on the critical importance of young people in channeling their energy to return America to its founding principles.  

    In his speech on leadership, Senator Cruz inspired students, arguing, "Every significant change, almost without exception, in human history, came from young people." He added when discussing the national debt and the increasingly unstable global environment, "Don't think this is an issue for your parents to worry about, or for you to worry about in 10 or 20 years. This is your future."

    On Wednesday night, attendees came together at the Washington Court Hotel for an exciting Reagan Banquet, which featured rising conservative star Senator Tim Scott. In an engaging speech about family values and personal responsibility, the senator laid out the case for why investment in oneself and the wherewithal to remain principled despite facing overwhelming challenges are the best solutions to overcoming poverty.

    Savanna Wierenga, chairwoman of the Hillsdale College Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, stated after hearing the range of speeches, "The messages that I've heard from numerous speakers have truly impacted and inspired me to go out and be proactive about fighting for and defending my constitutional freedoms as an American patriot."

    With an increase in the number of attendees this year from around the country, it is clear that students are playing a critical role in growing the Conservative Movement. Big government's harmful implications have compelled young people to join the fight to advocate for freedom.

    Ryan Pearsall, a student at Stony Brook University, summed up his time at the conference with these words: "The experience and information I have gained this week in Washington, D.C. will stick with me forever."

    As NCSC 2014 came to a close, inspired students joined together in a spontaneous chant of "USA, USA, USA!" Young America's Foundation is proud to educate and train these young patriots who are leading their generation into a brighter future.

    Raj Kannappan is the Program Officer for Young Americans for Freedom. 



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    • the NCSC was great this year. Even as a student who has seen several of these conferences, I feel like I learned new things. I know me and others from my school have developed new ways to attack liberalism on our campus. Also, I myself have added several pieces to my artillery for debate with the left. Once again, YAF continues to be the leader in preparing students to promote conservative values.
      Posted by Victor Schleich on 08/08/2014
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      Posted by Hawk on 07/01/2015
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      Posted by Bob on 07/05/2015
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