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  • ‘Redskins’ Name Haters Are The Real Offenders

    6/19/2014 4:15:09 PM Posted by Cheri Cerame

    by Chris Miranda, Director of Marketing

    When the Left expresses their intolerance for the Redskins NFL team name, they are exposed as hypocrites to the nth degree. And the idea that the Left has the moral high ground in deciding what is offensive is a joke.

    The Left isn’t offended when black conservatives like Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Walter Williams, Ward Connerly, and others are called “Uncle Toms,” “Oreo Cookies,” and other offensive names.

    The Left isn’t offended when their beloved Jon Stewart put a representation of Jesus Christ’s Nativity over a woman’s vagina.

    The Left isn’t offended when Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a “c—t,” a “tw—“ and a “bimbo” and her down syndrome son a “retard.”

    The Left isn’t offended when conservative speakers are shouted down or called offensive names during their speeches at colleges and universities.

    You can see the Left is rather selective in what they believe is “offensive.” Yet they continue to lecture the rest of us on being more tolerant and open-minded.

    Students, don’t be distracted with the Left’s argument over whether to keep the Redskins name. Simply use it as an opportunity to expose the Left’s hypocrisy through their own name-calling and offensive remarks.

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