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  • Penn State YAF Protests Campus Speech Zones

    4/24/2014 2:58:00 PM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    Penn State YAF Speech Zone ProtestPenn State Young Americans for Freedom went out on campus to protest our school's "free speech" zone policy.  Students watched as the chapter mocked the policy by "constructing" a new "free speech zone" in an unauthorized area.

    Most people on campus are unaware of the rules regulating free speech. When our YAF members were asked by our fellow students what we were doing, they were shocked to hear that Penn State limits the free and open exchange of ideas to twelve areas on campus, some only after 5:00 p.m.  Some students even dared to test the administration by participating in our protest outside of one of the designated speech zones.

    Overall the event seemed to be a success. It is absurd that a university that claims to be open to the free flow of ideas would stifle a constitutionally protected right. Forcing students into twelve small areas on a campus that is 8,556 acres is unacceptable and we will continue to draw attention to the issue until the policies are changed.

    Know your rights on campus, we do!

    Jolie Stuart-Davis is the chair of Penn State YAF

    • Readers' Comments

    • If it touches public money or public property it is a free speech zone. Especially after I am elected president. Free speech zones, hate speech, etc are the liberal elite trying to destroy the country and constitution. The founding fathers wisely placed the Second Amendment after the First, because they realized once the First Amendment is destroyed the other amendments are not worth the paper they are written on. Destruction of the First Amendment is destruction of the country, because a republic is a nation where all people are equally free, protected, and accountable to the law. The Bill of Rights was demanded prior to ratifying the Constitution because it was merely an administrative framework without definite ends or goals. The Bill of Rights are the goal! Destroy the goal and you destroy the country be destroying its purpose. FREEDOM! Vote Viron Payne for President. Substance, Not Fluff. Read and See.
      Posted by Viron Payne on 09/18/2014
    • Time to break out the table costumes. Get a card table, cut a hole in the middle, wear around your waist, secure the literature with clothes pins. Free speech.... Happy Halloween PSU!
      Posted by on 09/18/2014
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