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  • Congressman Sean Duffy Visits George Washington University

    3/28/2014 9:03:37 AM Posted by Ashley Pratte
    Congressman Sean Duffy does not fit your typical stereotype.  His fresh face and new ideas are "chopping down" preconceived ideas of old rich white guys spearheading the Conservative Movement. Congressman Duffy is contributing to sowing the seeds of ideas for a new, younger movement. 

    This past Tuesday, Congressman Sean Duffy left Capitol Hill to engage a constituency that is often forgotten about in the Conservative Movement. Duffy entered a packed classroom at The George Washington University in DC, filled with students. This event, which was hosted by the GW Young America's Foundation and GW College Conservatives, gave students insight into a very unique rising star. 

    Duffy is a man of a broad range of talents. In addition to representing the people of Wisconsin's 7th District, serving on the House Financial Services Committee, and combating child sex crimes, Duffy also brings a rare background to Washington. The Congressman became a nationally recognized professional lumberjack athlete in various competitions including everything from 90-foot speed climbs to logrolling. If that isn't enough to convince you of his cool-factor, he also was on the hit reality MTV show, "The Real World" of Boston. Congressman Duffy is also proud to have met his wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy through the show and have the first reality TV marriage. 

    The man has just about done it all, folks! Luckily, he brought his axe to Washington and is still not done bringing reform. His speech on Tuesday outlined how young Americans overwhelmingly supported President Obama despite his bad record. Speaking on these millennials Duffy stated, "You might like Obama as a cool guy, but his policies are hurting you." The Congressman went on to outline how Obama's healthcare policy, wire-tapping, and scandal-filled administration all "aren't cool." The Congressman received a roaring applause when he hammered home that, "You didn't get Ronald Reagan without Jimmy Carter. Barack Obama is our Jimmy Carter."

    Duffy didn't spend too much time dwelling on the failures of the administration, but rather on the bright future ahead for America and the next generation. The future for my generation will only happen if we "are realists in the way in which we govern," "take conservatism to culture," and "touch hearts and minds with real life stories and narratives."

    These classic and real ideas from a unique Congressman resonated well with a generation that is so desperate for real change. With the emergence of young leaders like Congressman Sean Duffy, conservatives will be ready to win the youth vote. 

    Congressional selfie anyone? 
    Amanda Robbins is the Policy Affairs Director for the GW YAF Chapter

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