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  • Invincible and Unshakeable: The Pro-Life Generation

    1/24/2014 9:03:54 AM Posted by Ashley Pratte

    GW YAF March for LifeOn any other day there would be no fault in complaining about the cold, but on the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade even bitter winds and numb toes were something to be grateful for. 

    Unlike the 55 million babies aborted since the landmark Supreme Court decision, I was blessed with life and the opportunity to see our beautiful Nation's capital buried beneath a blanket of snow. 

    On Wednesday, members of the George Washington University Young Americans for Freedom chapter, myself included, braved the cold and joined hundreds of thousands of Americans on the National Mall to March for Life. 

    Dating back to 1974, this annual gathering of pro-life individuals has often drawn crowds larger than the historic March on Washington and even with this year's unfavorable weather faithful protestors still arrived in droves. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo would have had himself a fit. 

    For all the Leftists who accuse the pro-life movement of being nothing but a malevolent bunch of old white men, the crowd on Wednesday showcased anything but. Blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue were filled with high school students dressed in school colors and singing praise to God. Rosy-cheeked toddlers dressed in ski bibs sat atop their father's shoulders observing the massive crowd through wide-open eyes. College students carried signs identifying themselves as "the pro-life generation," and elderly couples grasped rosaries between their mittens. 

    As our group of eight arrived on the mall, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was just finishing up a speech urging activists to keep at it. Just a few minutes after Cantor and another young woman spoke, the spirited crowd fell silent and joined together in prayer. 

    I couldn't help but marvel at what occurred in that moment when the power of numbers met the power of prayer. Thousands of heads bowed in reverence as we acknowledged all the lives lost and potential each had. Once the prayer concluded, the march began. 

    Two hours and one mile later we arrived at the Supreme Court having shared stories, joined in chants and sung praise along the way. Hundreds of signs were carried and later stuck in the snow displaying remarkable messages like "Conceived from rape and I love my life," or "Adoption saved my life." 

    Perhaps the sign that stood out to our group the most was the one thousands of college students proudly clutched that read: "I Am the Pro-Life Generation." It was a refreshing and reinvigorating sight to see at a time when embracing the status quo means defending a progressive agenda in denial of an unborn child's right to life. 

    I can only hope that the recent sentiment of Larry Provost - a writer for Townhall - proves to be true: "This is the most pro life generation in history even if it is not the most traditionally religiously observant generation. The movement will not end but will grow." 

    Until we reverse Roe v. Wade, we, the members of GW's Young Americans for Freedom chapter will remain a part of the pro-life generation and look forward to participating again next year as we March for Life. 


    Written by Gabriella Morrongiello, member of GW YAF Chapter 

    • Readers' Comments

    • Wow, "hundreds of thousands"??? Even the Right wing Washington Times says it was just thousands. Big difference. While practically ALL people Right or Left hate the act of abortion, ultimately it needs to be a personal decision of the woman and her circumstances. Even many among the Right waver on circumstances where abortion may be okay/allowable. Maybe when men stand up and take responsibility along with the women in these situations we can reduce the abortion numbers.
      Posted by Doc Sarvis on 01/24/2014
    • Sorry Doc Sarvis, it really is hundreds of thousands. 500,000 last year, just less than that this year because of the snow. 15 Pro-abortion advocates were there last year, 0 this year because their counter protest was cancelled.
      Posted by Thomas Gaudet on 01/27/2014
    • This article is about this year's gathering. The article in the Washington Times is about this year's gathering. I know newspapers use sources that may ramp up their ideological standing so the Right's standard, the Washington Times, estimate is probably a high estimate.
      Posted by Doc Sarvis on 01/27/2014
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