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  • By: Kate Edwards

    Two weeks ago, Young America's Foundation, along with Fox News, The Daily Caller, and other media outlets, reported that the DePaul University Young Americans for Freedom chapter had put up a flag display on campus to mark the 40th anniversary of the historic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. This flag display was vandalized during the day; the flags were stolen and discarded into trash cans around campus. Since then, DePaul YAF Chairman, Kristopher Del Campo, has been fighting for his free speech rights on campus by exposing the story and seeking campus and community support.

    On February 5, 2013, DePaul University finalized their investigation of the vandalism, and released the names of the students involved. The students who came forward were identified by security video camera footage. The report should disturb anyone who values free expression, as those involved show no regard for free speech. If they were so offended by the pro-life flag display, why not hold a counter-program showing their views? Instead, they just decided to destroy the display. Using their logic, a conservative who finds a "condom display", "The Vagina Monologues" or any number of liberal activities on campus offensive would have a right to destroy it. Free speech matters.

    See the report below:



    Now the question remains: what action will DePaul University take against these students? YAF Chairman Del Campo, with the help of the Dean of Students, is filing charges against the students through the judicial process of the university. The dean of students is helping Del Campo through this process. Action must be taken against these students or other liberals will have free license to continue to squelch the ideas of conservatives on campus.

     Kate Edwards is the Program Officer for chapter services for Young Americans for Freedom, a project of Young America's Foundation

    • Readers' Comments

    • I would think that the controversy that has come out of this is probably reason enough for students of any mindset to consider their actions more strongly in the future. We've all seen what happened, and the chaos of reactions following it, and I'm not sure why you insist that draconian punishments are an extremely necessary way to ensure free speech in the future. Can't you trust the student body to learn from some people's mistakes? If not totally, at least somewhat?
      Posted by Michael on 02/06/2013
    • It is very wrong to post first and last names of people without their knowing on a random third party website who was not involved at all. If this happened on DePaul's campus how did you get the report? If there was such outrage why risk prosecution with slander? What do you hope happens to these college students? Please, let me know. You went to such lengths to post names. You got the report somehow. Are you hoping for people to try to find them on social media? It seems to encourage people to be liberal with their curse words and slander. I know conservatives don't like liberal things. Do you hope employers see their names? This is sick and malicious. Liberal or Conservative I need to know how leaking the names for something less than a misdemeanor is alright?
      Posted by Raych on 02/06/2013
    • Raych, it is totally appropriate to publish their names. What they did was wrong and THEY OWN IT. Evidently they were not worried about having their names shown publicly or they would not have done such a thing. They should have used their voices if they did not like what was being done. This actually has NOTHING to do with liberals or conservatives. It has to do with treading on someones right to free speech which they also had but decided to go another route. They brought this on themselves and now must face up to it.
      Posted by linda setters on 02/06/2013
    • I am curious as to why my post showing Del Campo had an outstanding arrest warrant in Florida has been deleted from this blog when you are willing to publish the names of the students who have not even been brought before a committee??? Practice what you preach - Del Campo is as GUILTY as your caption indicates these students to be. Now the question remains: what action will the State of Florida take against Del Campo?
      Posted by Nancy on 02/06/2013
    • This is a response to Nancy. I am surpised that you are resorting to attacking my personal life. If you, Nancy, would take a look at the court docket of the State of Florida, you would see my case is closed and charges were withdrawn. It is in the process of being sealed by the state. Please check your facts first before making an assumption. I am not a criminal by any means, it was a lack of judgement of forgetting to pay a bounced check. Those 13 DePaul students vandalized private property that did not belong to them. I fighting for free speech on this campus community, and my private record has nothing to do with that. If you have nothing better to do than attack me, and not present your own ideas you're just fooling yourself, and not representing yourself on this blog very well. I am proud for my major accomplishments in life. And no one is by any means perfect, but God. I have made mistakes in my life as well. This matter regarding the removal of the pro-life flag display that I am fighting so hard for is against DePaul University, and the students who do not tolerate freedom of expression!
      Posted by Kristopher Del Campo on 02/06/2013
    • Nancy, your post is a cheap shot at Kris and has nothing to do with the destruction of the pro-life display at DePaul. It is sad you are trying to intimidate Kris instead of engaging in a debate of ideas. The DePaul students mentioned in the above blog post could have engaged Kris in a civil debate, but instead chose to toss the flags in the trash. They admitted their guilt to the investigator and now they must deal with the consequences.
      Posted by Patrick on 02/06/2013
    • To Kristopher: Political views aside, publishing the internal records of a university so publicly like this is in direct violation of FERPA, and infringes on student's right to privacy. I think its safe to assume those involved wouldn't have given consent to the disclosure of their information and this document. THIS publication is a cheap shot and doesn't accomplish anything other than an attempt at public humiliation. "prohibits the improper disclosure of personally identifiable information derived from education records" In direct relation to DePaul:
      Posted by Ali G. on 02/06/2013
    • This is an absolute disgrace. Whoever published this should be ashamed of themselves. Congradulations on your beat down on these girls over and over and over again. That's gonna solve a lot. Nobody was there to protect your display and talk your opinions/views out. Instead you chose to leave your display there and let it do the talking. People who hold the opposite view of things (which I'm sure there are a few of in a university such as de Paul) are obviously going to react negatively. It only take a handful of oppisites with, what seems to be as strong a stance for their opinions as yourselves for something like this to end up happening. This has been blown up to ridiculous mind numbing proportions because a "freedom of speech" tag line has been attached to this happening by a few extremists with a good bit of spare time looking for revenge. I cannot understand how these names were released into your hands, and moreover I can't fathom how you have been allowed to/ how you could think you are even entitled to name and shame these people!?
      Posted by Killian on 02/06/2013
    • listing the names was fine. The school released them when they sent the letter. You people seem to be more upset about the names than the event that started this. If this had been a pro choice display I bet you would be much harsher here at the students. You don't have to like their viewpoint but unless you protect it next time it might you the view you favor abused.
      Posted by Jer on 02/07/2013
    • Please Killian, if these were students that destroyed a Pro Abortion display, I am sure you would at the very least be silent, but more likely be calling for their heads on a platter. I am amazed the school has not expelled them yet.
      Posted by Naillik on 02/07/2013
      Posted by Hannah Barner on 02/07/2013
    • I have been looking these people up and the ones I can find are of the hard left lesbian persuasion. How odd that those that demand tolerance can not seem to show any for anyone else. Here is a little work by one of the vandals herself..... “SO ARE YOU STRAIGHT?”: A LETTER TO THE LAST PERSON I MADE OUT WITH December 6, 2011 · by inourwordsblog · in Letter, Life, Sex. · by: Amanda Stefanski Dear S, Let’s call you S — because I remember your name, but I’m not sure you remember mine. I won’t reveal your first name to the entire internet because I’m a nice person, but I’m not entirely convinced that you are. Sometimes, there is a thin line between ignorance and malice. We’ve all done something oppressive without realizing it, myself included. But this time we’re talking about you, not me. The amazing elder femmes in my life warned me about folks like you, S. I told them my anxieties about being read as queer and was advised to aggressively hit on everyone I was interested in. I took this to be sound advice. I mean, who doesn’t want to be hit on by a cute femme in thigh highs? Maybe queers who don’t like femmes in thigh highs, but I attribute this to an orientation, not a reflection on my relative stroke-ability meter. You see, S, I’ve developed a confidence that one could describe as almost ethereal. I like to think of it as a confidence whose gravitational pull is so strong that it causes planets to revolve around it and cute queers to buy me strong drinks. A cosmic, galactic sort of confidence. In a world that actively attempts to destroy the self-worth of women and queers, this confidence is revolutionary, intentional and carefully cultivated on my part. This confidence is a gift that I chose to bestow upon you when I asked you to dance. The nice thing about having a confidence that exists in the cosmos is that it exists outside of the realm of your touch. It will continue to exist no matter how you respond to me. Sometimes, though, this confidence is a defense mechanism, built up as a reaction to folks like you. You erased and invalidated me, despite the fact that I bothered to give the universe my beautiful femme presence by showing up to the queer dance night with perfume and thigh highs. Do you know how hard it is to keep your thigh highs at an appropriate thigh high level when you’re traveling on multiple trains and buses? I don’t know a better definition of femme invisibility than to be asked if I am straight while I’m making out with you, S. Why would you ask me that? Did you think about me and my otherworldly babe-itude and conclude that I was making out with you because I was confused? Experimenting? A sadist who likes to ruin the evenings of cute queers by making out with them and then announcing their heterosexuality with a gleeful laugh? I’m not that straight girl in high school who broke your heart. I am not the personification of all of your femme-phobic and queer-phobic beliefs. I am not your baggage. My lips are on yours. Why are you concerned about what other respective genders I might be interested in? What carefully policed cunnilingus performing communities are you a part of? I’d also like to address the fact that you seemed to be assuming that I was going home with you that evening. Upon telling you that I was only interested in making out with you, you responded with “Why not?” Doll face, I should not have to legitimate my boundaries of consent to you. While we were dancing, you started sucking on my neck without asking first. Dancing does not necessarily equal making out. Making out does not necessarily equal you putting your hand up my dress, which you also tried to do without asking me first. Putting your hand up my dress does not necessarily equal me going home with you. That’s called rape culture. It’s really easy to internalize that sort of entitlement and misogyny towards my highly feminized gender presentation. You should do some reading on consent because sometimes it’s exhausting to have to educate everyone, especially when you’re just trying to have a good time dancing. However, I think the important thing to recognize about all of this is that you do not represent all queers. I’ve had many experiences with queers and allies in my life who have always been affirming of both my gender presentation and my sexuality. Most of my experiences with the queer community reflect our resilience and the incredible support structures we have built for each other. Despite my disappointments with you, S, I have faith that you too can become an affirming ally to the femmes in our community. You clearly want to make out with us, and so why don’t you do the work to recognize us and respect our boundaries? Even if you choose not to do this work, S, femmes will still continue to exist despite your attempts to erase us. We will continue to hit on people of all genders that we are attracted to and have hot sex with people who respect us and our boundaries. We are surviving, thriving and looking really fine in our dresses, heels, boots, fake eyelashes and bright red lipstick. We will continue to be complex, intelligent, nurturing, political, creative, feminist, tough-as-nails-beautiful members of our queer community. We will continue to show up to queer dance parties, even if no one asks us to dance. We will arrive with our intergalactic confidence and expect you to respond accordingly. Because if we aren’t a part of your universe, we should be. Till we (never) meet again, Amanda Amanda Stefanski is a third year student at DePaul University, studying Women’s and Gender Studies. She is a proud member of the Wolfram Manor Collective, a collective of eight who do their best to provide a safe space for education, activism, artistic expression and socializing for feminists, radicals and queers. She is also a member of DePaul’s Feminist Front. In her spare time, she likes to listen to records, play drums, paint, read, and answer questions about how she keeps her hair such a vibrant shade of pink. Email her at
      Posted by look at this one on 02/07/2013
    • Karla Muldowney's facebook
      Posted by KM on 02/07/2013
    • I would be asking for no "heads on a platter" in a situation like this. This could've been dealt with internally and not ran and drawn out to ridiculous proportions. Don't get me wrong, what was done was not appropriate, but the report says even the students ACKNOWLEDGE that so I'm sure if the were even given a chance to come to you and reach out they would've. But instead, straight away, you and yours chose the more aggressive tactic and went after their heads at full speed. NAILLIK - that you think that 13 students should have their present educations and future careers ruined, not to mention have over 150,000 dollars go down the toilet just because they tore down a few unguarded flags from a display they dosagreed with just goes to show your level of intelligence and weighing up of justice. This wasn't an attack on your freedom, you're all so dramatic. This was a spur of the moment decision that was all too easily enacted. It was wrong, the students have admitted it was wrong. Talk it out with them, get over it and move on. You all have too much free time.
      Posted by Killian on 02/07/2013
    • I've read a comment above which of course nobody has taken no notice to. You have violated students rights by doing this, makes perfect sense and sounds fair. So no Jer, have to disagree with you there.
      Posted by Killian on 02/07/2013
    • @ Ali G - Get your facts correct- FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a federal statute that protects the privacy of education records. The law specifically exempts the records of law enforcement units at colleges and universities.
      Posted by ibjuju on 02/07/2013
    • If Christian students had torn down LGBT displays, there would be outrage---and justifiably so. The majority of students at depaul are not conservative. Therefore, those students who are conservative should be afforded the special protections that other minorities enjoy. One of those protections is the exemption from guilt and accountability. After all, if you are a victim you don't have to obey the rules like everyone else does, right? Or does that argument only apply to "certain" politically correct groups? Perhaps this incident could be a viable starting point for discussions of tolerance and respect for differing viewpoints, particularly conservative ones. How about a campus forum on the matter?
      Posted by stargirl on 02/07/2013
    • @ibjuju - It doesn't exempt them from becoming a public record without the students consent. Del Campo had the right to the record, but he did NOT have the right to distribute it in the manner he did. I'm sure there will be a few phone calls made from University officials regarding the matter.
      Posted by Ali G on 02/07/2013
    • So much outrage for showing the students names. So little for their brown shirt ways... What? Should university students have the right of actions without consequences? I guess their parents believed in sparing the rod (spare the rod, spoil the child). I am glad they were caught, a little shame may help them. They should respect the private property of other students or be man or woman enough to deal with the consequences.
      Posted by Heriberto Suarez on 02/07/2013
    • To the moron who wrote about FERPA, Sorry, but FERPA does not protect you in this situation, idiot. The notion that one has to give consent in order to have his name revealed in such situations is as laughable as it is asinine.
      Posted by on 02/07/2013
    • I infer that the guilty students have not been punished at all for the incident. (Maybe that's not the case, but the parting comment in the report that, golly, they know it was wrong, surely suggests that nothing more will be done.) This sends two horrific message to all would-be mob thugs: 1. You can destroy and suppress speech you dislike RIGHT ON CAMERA and receive no punishment. 2. Be sure you do it OFF camera or with your face disguised. That way you won't even end up with a disciplinary record. The guilty students should be punished. For example, make them perform 8 hours of satisfactory service for the victim organization or to pay $160, representing 8 hours of temp-worker-agency labor.
      Posted by Grommet on 02/07/2013
    • Heriberto - I guess Del Campo writing bad checks and having a Warrant issued for his Arrest is indicative that his parents did not spare the rod ? ?
      Posted by on 02/07/2013
    • Anonymous, Del Campo had a Warrant issued. Del Campo paid the check plus whatever legal charges applied. I am pretty sure, his parents did not spared the rod, because he accepted his fault and took actions to fix it. What about these brown shirts wannabes that do not tolerate a different opinion? Do they paid back the damaged/stolen property? Do they restore the display? Nope? I am in shock..... Just say "I did it and I was wrong" and everything is OK....... Ahhhhh, it is so good to be a liberal brown shirt in today universities.....
      Posted by Heriberto Suarez on 02/07/2013
    • A reminder for those who ripped down the display on the importance of protecting free speech for all. First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the socialists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Catholic. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.
      Posted by Thomas on 02/07/2013
    • This is all irrelevant in reference to the judicial review process Del Campo is so adamant about. Right #11 states "The right to have proceedings and documentation kept confidential. All hearings, proceedings and case information are considered confidential."
      Posted by Ali G. on 02/07/2013
    • LOLing at the simpletons who think that once the University released the names to a third party the information remained in any way confidential. They committed an act of vandalism in public, there is nothing private about that, or the fact of their given names. They did it, they should be willing to own it. Those little brown shirts should be given a simple choice, set the entire display up just like it was prior to their crimes, or face expulsion. If they want to show how 'courageous' they are let them take the expulsions.
      Posted by ThomasD on 02/07/2013
    • "name and shame these people!?" The internet is forever - these individuals have badly damaged their future career prospects (in a horrible, horrible economy). In the future, almost every employer will Google applicants' names. These people are toast unless exonerated by some subsequent process (which is unlikely if they have already admitted guilt). And...they deserve it (if in fact involved - which certainly looks true at this point). They acted like petulant, irresponsible children and will be paying for it for the rest of their lives. Rightly. And you don't come out of it looking too good either, Killian.
      Posted by sca721 on 02/07/2013
    • Are we not going to address that someone searched for the people's facebooks and let it as a comment? No? No. Oh Ok. Continue on with this ridiculous post.
      Posted by Raych on 02/07/2013
    • I feel like you simply don't know how Universities work if you think the University released these names to the public. In the Judicial Review Process, students have the right to confidentiality as stated in #11 of the Students Rights. DEL CAMPO directly violated this right, and whether or not DePaul is willing to admit that or DEL CAMPO is willing to admit that, I feel like this was a revenge post. Are you in high school? Are you trying to be some type of bully? The only ONLY DEL CAMPO would've posted this was with MALICIOUS intent for people to make negative comments and harass the students. In doing so you threaten the safety of a list of women because you have a lot of feelings. Del Campo's organization does not need to be operating on my campus where I pay tens of thousands of dollars so that they can plot the downfall of students and create a harmful learning environment. Whether or NOT you people think the names should have been released or not the point of the matter is that they shouldn't have and action WILL be taken. Perhaps not be those involved but by allies who see you for the piece of shit person you are. The writer, Del Campo and anyone else can go fuck themselves. Have a nice day.
      Posted by Someone With Sense on 02/08/2013
    • The students who too these flags down committed an act of vandalism, that much is true. Should they own their actions? Yes. Do they deserve to be punished for the rest of their lives? No. Community service, repaying the cost of the display, and a public apology would be sufficient in my eyes, but I'm not the wronged party here. If you want to make this an issue of free speech, then invite all sides of the issue, have a debate, and make DePaul a place open to all viewpoints. You can still make something positive come of this ugliness.
      Posted by Mackenzie on 02/13/2013
    • Destroying a display is a horrible trample on the rights of free speech. The students who did it should be punished by the university. Absolutely their names should be published. The public has a right to know who the vandals were. And as far as people complaining that the vandals job prospects etc. are going to be hurt by this - are you kidding me? They should think about consequences to their actions before they do them and realize that is what happens in the real world. They did something wrong and they need to own up to it and should apologize for their actions. You can't just go out and destroy things in the the dark and then whine about being exposed! Are you kidding me? Ridiculous!
      Posted by Abby on 02/28/2013
    • Needless to say, the perps who destroyed the display have to be punished, and their punishment should serve as a reminder to those who seek to squelch the free speech of others. Of all places on earth, campuses should welcome, embrace, and celebrate free speech, and in every instance campuses should protect it against zealots, thugs, and cretins. Those who truly value diversity and multi-vocalities must defend free speech. Can anyone even begin to fathom what would have happened if the shoe and been on the other foot? The perps in such a case would probably have to undergo sensitivity training, write a paper on the benefits of diversity, and make public apologies.
      Posted by observer on 02/28/2013
    • I find it interesting that in my home town in PA, all the court records are published in the paper on a weekly basis - dui's, burglaries, assaults, etc. I don't see why guilty parties shouldn't have their names posted. There are NO legal prohibitions in this matter.
      Posted by Kamau Mujimbe on 02/28/2013
    • I have spent twenty years in the USMC and another 24 years in Civil Service. I have defended the rights of individuals and their free speach. I find it a shame when a Catholic University defends such actions. Those flags that were thrown in the trash represent our Country which I and many other service men have shed our blood for this great country. What is the Church's stand on abortion? If you are offended by the pictures being shown it still does not give you a right to stop them from showing them. If I remember right from my teaching in Catholic schools that the only sin that can not be forgiven on this earth is murder. You must stand in front of God with who you have killed to get forgiveness. Abortion is a murder of a life because according to Catholic teaching life begins at conseption. Have we come to a point in this country that only one side can voice their ideas and that any on else must beat down? If this is what your school has become then you should no longer consider yourself a Catholic Instution.
      Posted by Harry Furr on 02/28/2013
    • If they admitted it, then they should have no problem with their names being published. This is not here-say, they admitted it. Thank you posting their names! Now I know who to avoid in Life- I'm pro-life. ;-)
      Posted by Shane on 02/28/2013
    • May God have mercy on these POOR Children's Souls. In the End, not everyone will enter HIS kingdom
      Posted by Catholic Knight on 02/28/2013
    • The sad part is that these misguided students are attending a Catholic university; although like most other Catholic universities, DePaul has become too secularized to be considered a Catholic institution. Why don't these feminist students attend a secular school if they have such hatred for Catholic teachings? Aren't they aware that there will be conservative students who still adhere to Catholic teaching? How can the school come down on YAF for publishing the names when they committed a CRIME? Their names should be published and they should be shamed. This culture has gotten out of control. Aren't their criminal reports in papers every day? Names are published in those papers so how is this any different. These students lost their right, just like any other criminals, to be left anonymous when they knowingly hatched a plan to vandalize the display and carried out their actions. The correct punishment would be that they would have to re-erect the display or face expulsion from the university.
      Posted by Tony on 02/28/2013
    • It is not nearly enough for these students to say that "they realized that there actions were not appropriate". The acted like a bunch of spoiled elementary school brats. They need to understand the seriousness of what that did: violating peoples' civil rights! They need to express real remorse for what they did as a start. Then, they need to answer some fundamental questions: why does a pro-abortion person go to a Catholic university? Nonsensical! How can any decent person is his right mind support abortion? Only Neanderthals can.
      Posted by David on 03/01/2013
    • This is silly. For one, the person named "Nancy" says that Del Campo is "guilty." How can you say he is guilty of anything without any proof of anything? You've never even met Del Campo, you only know what you read, so you're a nitwit. Next, Ali G., what are you, a bathroom lawyer? Posting a LEGAL DOCUMENT is not a violation of FERPA, as the information with the students' names has NOT been derived from educational documents. Plus, FERPA prohibits educational institutions from sharing your scholastic records, not private citizens from sharing legal documents. Go back to your online law school. Finally, in response to the rant by Amanda Stefanski on making out with strangers...I am confused. You took the advice of senior lesbians to "aggressively hit on everyone you like," but then accuse another lesbian of rape culture for trying to put her hand up your skirt? You just admitted to AGGRESSIVELY HITTING ON PEOPLE YOU F**KING IDIOT, PEOPLE WHO MAY NOT BE INTERESTED IN YOU! That makes YOU part of the same rape culture, you damn hypocrite. Man, some people on here are F**KED up! These vandals feel no shame. They are in-your-face brats who want to challenge society because they're "edgy." Look, one girl is a lesbian who just had to choose a Catholic University, but enjoys blogging about her sexual exploits with strangers, and rips down flags she disagrees with. What a bunch of idiots.
      Posted by Kari on 03/01/2013
    • I read through all the comments and realized the gravity of this event. Since this is an institution of higher learning, one would think that it's helmsmen are educated. An educated individual would easily identify who hurt who in this situation. I am taken back a bit by the inability to distinguish right from wrong. Obviously the injured party here has been punished by school officials, who also exposed the wrong doers.... as wrong doers. Shame on DEPAUL. I find many groups offensive to my moral set but I allow for their right to free speech. The New Brown Shirts, KKK, the Homosexual movement, Sharia Law, Black Panthers are not popular with many people, but are allowed to present their agenda's and are protected by hate laws Reading further into this comment blog it appears that there is a feminist element that is involved, also known as lesbianism? Am I correct? As hard as this movement has fought for rights and has asked for special treatment, a movement such as yours should take on a name such as "My Right to my Life"... similar to the rights of the unborn "Right to Life Movement." You both need protection.... Those of you which push the "Pro-Choice.... my body my choice? Be intelligent and take precautions to prevent the abortion option... maybe you wouldn't have to take the potential life if you wouldn't use this action of irresponsible birth control. And yes, I do support your right to your opinion and your rights to do what you wish with your body, no matter how selfish I think you may be. But I will not deface, destroy or throw away your advertising material. If I get this right... DEPAUL would punish the vandals if Del Campo retaliated by defacing the petty criminals property and they published his name after the University investigation finding him responsible??? Brilliant! DEPAUL... clean up your act, you are not teaching equality, you are promoting bias and a blind eye to petty criminals. Signed: Veteran who gave 30 years of his life to support free speech and other rights
      Posted by Veteran on 03/01/2013
    • Sounds like the pro-abortion crowd have again been exposed as anti free speech criminals.
      Posted by Miki on 03/01/2013
    • What I find amusing is the so-called investigator's report on the thieves and vandals (and yes, they took items that did not belong to them. They are in fact THIEVES) The report starts off saying the thieves were "offended" at the pro-life displays. Well, so what? I'm offended at a lot of what I see in society. I'm offended at things I hear on the radio. I simply ignore or avoid offensive materials. The report further states the thieves had an "emotional" discussion when they conspired to go on their thieving rampage. Why is the adjective even included in the report? Who cares? Lastly, it says the thieves agreed their actions were "inappropriate." This is an attempt to minimize their actions. Their actions were in fact CRIMINAL.
      Posted by w barnes on 03/01/2013
    • stay strong conservative young people the liberals and weak minded young that follow them will be defeated america is bigger thaqn them already we in the business community will not hire liberals and have screening methiods to keep them out. grow strong and be confident the left wingers are going to lose . god bless
      Posted by tom gladden on 03/01/2013
    • "Someone with some Sense" is frustrated because free speech is something "IT" does not agree to because it is against "IT's" opinion. SWSS degenerates to using expletives because of its anger and inability to intelligently express itself. This comment blog is about free speech. I support you (Someone with some sense) to make your comments, but I also hope you realize that this forum will judge you as they see you (just as I have). I believe (and please don't swear at me) Del Campo's chose this mechanism by which to expose the perps and those who empowered them (what other option(s) did he have?). What is comical is that DePaul claims to be a Catholic establishment, and it allows abortion activism in its ranks? That is like a Muslim who eats pork (No offense to our Muslim brothers) this in itself (MY OPINION) makes this a counterfeit religious educational operation by it’s own charter. Credibility is out the door by! It is obviously a good school and its graduates enjoy the benefits of the name, but at what cost. I don't know Del Campo other than seeing a student get a raw deal, and he did get a raw deal! Please, you people are in college, use your brains and be responsible human beings. Wrong is wrong, you need to fix this problem, you need to make Del Campo whole again. And SWSS, Del Campo is an ally of yours in the fight for free speech, whether you realize it or not. Guy's like him will expose the posers for what they are, really!
      Posted by Sidel on 03/01/2013
    • Isn't this the names of those responsible for destroying this display public information? If so, what's the big deal. And if it isn't public information, so what. Had the tables been turned and this was a right wing organization that destroyed a display, they not only would have been outed, but the liberals would have made their lives a living hell. Del Campo should be commended for his actions. Bravo!
      Posted by Melony F on 03/01/2013
    • If this is a Catholic School, no wonder the Pope quit.
      Posted by American on 03/01/2013
    • The civil rights movement taught those of us of that generation that if one American is not totally free, no other American is totally free either. The hypocrisy of the "Free Speech" movement is that so-called free speech applies only to liberals who interrupt and rudely scream in one's face and not to conservatives who dispassionately argue, or display, their views. Unfortunately, some undereducated students who find their way into higher "education" and to venues where they can vent and rant their liberal nonsense, find aid and comfort from a 60's generation ahead of them who provide aid and comfort for their views. As a former YAFer myself from the 60's who carefully followed WFB Jr.'s example, orderly resistence must rule the day. At the end of the day, a calm reflection on the civil rights movement, by application should yell loud and clear that if free speech, and expression within the confines of the rule of law and consideration for others, is denied to some, it is denied to all.
      Posted by Stephen Gruber on 03/01/2013
    • This De Campo guy is the problem! Are you kidding? The administrators are clearly inept, if the press story is reporting this correctly. The comments by some of the students in reference to privacy violations are actually funny, obviously they are not law majors LOL. Criminal acts against persons or property are still criminal acts, no matter how many veils of concealment one choses to apply. Silly DePaul Admin!
      Posted by Cap on 03/01/2013
    • Think you are right! Pope saw this DePaul thing coming
      Posted by sidel on 03/01/2013
    • Del Campo is a hero. The fudge-packing, rug-munching, disgusting excuses for human beings that pretend to fight for individual freedom while trampling on others' individual freedoms should go live in an Islamic state where their disgusting lifestyles would be met with a proper response . . . stoning.
      Posted by Ash on 03/01/2013
    • Since the students have admitted to vandilising the flag display, and the report has become public record at the university. then there is no reason as to why the names should not be posted. maybe not the way it was done but the names are a matter of public record and with a little research by any person they would be found out. Stopping the freedom of speech of one person and threatening to remove him from the university is an abuse of power by the university and violates civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.
      Posted by David on 03/01/2013
    • If one thing is to be learned from these posts; liberals love the 1st amendment, as long as it remains convenient to them. Once their hypocrisies are exposed, the Constitution becomes a big inconvenience. I am so looking forward to the second great awakening of this Country.
      Posted by Christopher Walker on 03/01/2013
    • I hope individuals make every student on this list regret their actions in a harsh way!
      Posted by Chris on 03/01/2013
    • I agree with David's view that violating a person's right to free speech violates the US Constitution, 1st amendment, article 1; I would add that it also violates the very spirit of the US Constitution. In one hand, you have a violation of the letter of the law, and in another a violation on the spirit of the law, the law being the US Constitution. I believe political correctness culture (especially the PC Police), do their best to bankrupt speech, generally, of having any moral connotations or convictions. This approach softens the impact of language we have been used to in our country, by removing the words used to essentially define good and evil. Get rid of the language that defines good and evil, and you pave the way for evil to carry out it's work unhindered. Here's an example: abortion is a softened even veiled version of infanticide, or the murdering of unborn children. I define murder as the unjustified killing of one person by another. Mere inconvenience to the mother is not grounds for justification of the murdering of an unborn child. For more info on this --->
      Posted by Jerry on 03/01/2013
    • Christopher Walker, I'm with you. I am also looking forward to a Second Great Awakening of America. I am SO disappointed with DePaul Administration. While no religiously-affiliated university atmosphere is perfectly reflective of its stated and expected values, DePaul administration's actions in this matter, and its acceptance for enrollment of those who openly mock and defy those values, clearly indicates contempt for devout, believing Catholics. Not one dime of my money will ever go to support DePaul University while this incongruity exists In addition, I would sooner send a grandchild of mine to Brigham Young University, where Christian values are taught, and a student-signed code of conduct reflects the expectation of self-control.
      Posted by Catherine Marler on 03/01/2013
    • I am 65, and was in college during the protest years. I remember when students with a protest to make shut down the university because it would not officially close when Dr. Martin Luther King, JR., was murdered. Even though all students at the university had already paid for the classes they were prevented from attending by an outraged minority, the major media and other so-called 'Liberals' all applauded their actions, and denigrated the attempt by the University to honor its contractual obligations. It is about time that the Liberals learned that they are not above the law. Conservatives need this too. President Franklin Roosevelt - more than half his programs were thrown out as unconstitutional before the end of his second term. President Truman - committed American troops to combat without any congressional authorization. President Johnson - need I say more than Cambodia? President Nixon - Watergate itself was a farce, the cover-up was the illegality; but his most illegal action was taking the country off the gold standard, when Congress is specifically given the authority to determine what is 'legal tender'. Presidents Ford and Carter were both relatively well-behaved, probably a post-Watergate result. President Reagan - committed American troops many places without congressional authorization, even invaded Grenada because the Soviet Union was constructing an airfield there, which of course we then took over and completed. President Bush pater - changed an authorized defensive deployment in the Persian Gulf into a war of aggression against Iraq without congressional authorization. President Clinton - launched several illegal attacks/bombardments primarily to deflect public attention from his personal failings, let alone committing perjury. President Bush filius - another illegal war against Iraq. President Obama - swore to faithfully execute the office of President; unfortunately for his record of legality, one of those duties is to see that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed; some of those laws refer to illegal immigrants, which President Obama has ordered the executive branch officers specifically not to enforce. Everyone of those imperial presidents (not Ford and Carter) should have been impeached, but the 'Liberals' would (and did, in Clinton's case) crucify anyone who suggested that the President was acting illegally, and was placing himself above the war. Keep up the good work, and reveal the names of those criminals who depend upon their political and social connections to get away with their crimes unpunished. However, do not publish their addresses; you wouldn't want to be confused with the idiots who showed the Manhattan criminals which homeowners were unarmed.
      Posted by John Woll on 03/01/2013
    • Those who know deep down inside they are wrong, also know they have more to gain by suppression of free-speech. The truth will set you free, but it will also convict you.
      Posted by Lance on 03/01/2013
    • TL;DR
      Posted by James Callahan on 03/01/2013
    • I am pro-choice - make your choice before having sex. I'm against changing your mind at the expense of a life, simply because you made your choice about having sex, but then changed your mind after you found out a pregnancy resulted.
      Posted by Lance on 03/01/2013
    • The link to the report appears to be broken.
      Posted by Chuck on 03/01/2013
    • I am pro-choice - make your choice before having sex. I'm against changing your mind at the expense of a life, simply because you made your choice about having sex, but then changed your mind after you found out a pregnancy resulted.
      Posted by Lance on 03/01/2013
    • Why not punish them by requiring them to rebuild the display, and compensate the people they have wronged with their actions. The DePaul's lopsided decisions are atrocious. Camera footage clearly show who did what. Expulsion of the victim here is very wrong, they think that exposure of this is worse than the commission of this vandalism, and should the vandals face even more draconian punishment? This does no good to DePaul's image at all.
      Posted by Kurt E Blanchard on 03/01/2013
    • Maybe I am a bit dull, but why would a bunch of lesbians get upset about an abortion dipslay and want to destroy it. Whats next, a bunch of gay men burining down a brothel?
      Posted by jrclark on 03/01/2013
    • The link to the report appears to be broken.
      Posted by Chuck on 03/01/2013
    • If it's "legitimate abortion", the woman's body has ways to shut that whole thang down; just saying! Also....get your facts straight! A third of all pregnancies result in miscarriage naturally
      Posted by Todd A. on 03/01/2013
    • If it's "legitimate abortion", the woman's body has ways to shut that whole thang down; just saying! Also....get your facts straight! A third of all pregnancies result in miscarriage naturally
      Posted by Todd A. on 03/01/2013
    • Abusers do not have the right to privacy. No one has a right to stop others from telling the truth about what people actually have done. These people engaged in a public act of abuse against fellow citizens. It has nothing to do with what the university believes, teachers, or holds as policy. Constitutional rights trump the petty policies of university.
      Posted by Jim Smith on 03/01/2013
    • Let's all use this story about a few hotheaded college students who made a mistake in a passionate response to a delicate issue as a means to sound off about the first amendment and put it in the context of some sort of culture war! Seriously, though, this should have never been published. It should have been an internal matter. It's none of anyone's business. Worse yet, it's not being used for constructive discourse. It's being politicized and used to demonize some college students who made a stupid mistake. College students making mistakes. . .now there's national news.
      Posted by Brian on 03/02/2013
    • Brian, you are sadly mistaken. This was a hate crime against Christians. Your response was pretty generic. Lets just say that you are responding to an incident where a bunch of "passionate" "hothead" white college students "made a stupid mistake" by tearing down a display commemorating MLK. You would, or course, still stand by your response....right?
      Posted by jrclark on 03/02/2013
    • Yes, these students were wrong for what they did and deserved to be disciplined by the school. But publishing their names along with inflammatory language exposes them to undue danger. To all of you saying, "They get everything they deserve! Actions have consequences!": Let's imagine these were your kids (or younger siblings, or you) who, let's say, were upset by pro-life posters on campus and tore them down or wrote "MURDER" across them with a Sharpie. I'm sure you'd want them to know that that was a bad decision and that they need to learn to express disagreement appropriately and with respect toward others' right to express their opinions. You might even be OK with the school imposing some kind of punishment. But how would you feel when the group responsible for the posters posted a blog with your child's full name and university, adding exaggerated claims that "Conservative Christians are oppressing, bullying and silencing women! They hate free speech!" How would you feel when, as a result of that public information, angry commenters on that blog posted links to your child's Facebook page with your child's contact information and photos? How would you feel when your child started receiving harassing and threatening e-mails and phone calls from anonymous strangers who irrationally think your child is out to destroy women's rights or free speech? Cursing them out? Stalking them? Threatening, in graphic detail, to assault, rape or kill your child? At what point would you decide that the person who published your child's name was reckless and malicious in doing so? That the constant stream of insults and threats your child is receiving, and his or her increasing fear and depression, are disproportionate compared to your child's disrespectful but relatively minor act of poor judgment? I'm willing to bet these things are already happening to these students. It always happens when someone is vilified on the internet and it goes viral, no matter what side of a controversy or end of the political spectrum they fall on. 19-year-old college students should not have to face that. Del Campo has every right to be angry about what happened to his display, and perhaps also with the school's response if no action was taken against the students who took it down. But he should know full well that posting it would invite internet trolls and crazies to harass and threaten and potentially even do harm to his fellow students. He could've invited people--without naming names--to write to the dean to express their disappointment that his group's were not taken more seriously. Or hosted a forum on campus to discuss the issue and how to ensure that all student groups are able to express their opinions and support causes and have civil debate. So just because the pro-life group "started it" doesn't mean that Del Campo's reaction was OK. It wasn't. At all. Two wrongs don't make a right, remember?
      Posted by Wait a minute on 03/03/2013
    • Frequently, private or ivy league colleges find themselves to be serving as the babysitters of spoiled, or sometimes mentally ill children of wealthy individuals, or diplomats. These institutions attempt to keep the misdeeds of their wards hushed up as a service to the parents, who might return the favor with contributions to the institution well in excess of the tuition dollars. This might have been the intention of De Paul University to protect their income stream. With the internet, and cameras everywhere, it is much more difficult to keep a lid on such things. The administrators of De Paul as well as their benefactors, need to understand that criminal activities cannot be expected to be shrouded in secret anymore, and that they cannot guarantee such complete protection to some of these "children" they are babysitting. The situation of De Paul University, which finds itself punishing the victims instead of the criminals, results from a failure to connect with today's reality, and it is likely to hurt their income stream more than the loss of 13 spoiled brats involved in the vandalism.
      Posted by Pharmer1 on 03/03/2013
    • The issue is not choice nor is it pro-life! The issues are two-fold: 1. The publishing of names and criticism of the actions as well as calling for punishment is protected by the 1st Amendment 2. Those who engaged in destroying the display are also likely subject to criminal charges as well as subject to civil liability! I wonder, however, what the YAF detractors would think if a Catholic university prohibited a pro-life display or even required a pledge of pro-life support to attend De Paul?
      Posted by H. Michael Sarkisian on 03/03/2013
    • I hope the 13 are proud; and that they don't mind future employers will consider their actions as part of reviewing their viability for employment. Thank you.
      Posted by Employer on 03/03/2013
    • I think the real issue is “shame.” Because Liberals have no morels they think that what ever they do is superior and no one should criticize them. By Kristopher Del Campo posting the names of the vandals, he pointed a finger at them and shamed them. For it pointed out that what they did was not enlightened but disgraceful and what hypocrites they are. In other words Kristopher is making them pay a morel price for their actions. Those on this post that are criticizing Kristopher are afraid of being shamed themselves. Shamed for their liberal Marxist views. Shamed for the idea that action have consequences. Shamed for pointing out that a tattoo is a woman’s choice to do with her body as she choose, but that abortion is the taking of an innocent life that is not her own, for she is just the vessel for that life.
      Posted by Robert Exton on 03/03/2013
    • The question is not "is DePaul University still Catholic?" but "is DePaul University still a university?" A student - at a Catholic school - gets permission to set up a pro-life display and it is wrecked by students - some who work in the school's mission office - and HE is punished? The school has the reputation of bumbling along and wasting opportunity. This incident seals it.
      Posted by George on 03/16/2013
    • Their names will be on police blotter soon and then in the newspaper. How "shielded" do they think they will be then? They have to take the punishment doled out to them for their "mistake". They hurt other people's property and had no business doing it! Get over the soft sell of slapping their hands. They KNEW what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway. They've had their hands slapped before and look - it did no good. They're up to their old antics, only this time the victims are pressing for REAL punishment. Sooner now than later, when it could really be something much bigger than this episode!!
      Posted by KatieOh on 04/01/2013
    • If you commit a crime and get arrested, it is published in the newspaper. If you confess to your crime, that will also be published. If you are a student then you want protection from the same rules that govern the first amendment. There were no lies told, the facts were presented as the investigator told them. Because you are students you should have no greater rights that anyone else, unless you can prove you are better than anyone else. Publishing on the internet has the same rule of law that the news media enjoy's. Its time to man up. One day you will leave school and you will not be treated any better than anyone else, so get use to it now.
      Posted by Smalley50 on 05/16/2013
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