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  • University Forces Leftist Indoctrination in the Name of “Diversity”

    6/28/2013 2:37:51 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    University of Washington students cannot graduate until completing a course in "diversity." Students will now have less time to focus on their selected area of study while receiving their required dose of leftist indoctrination. This requirement is just another class that aims to ensure each student receives more leftist teaching, yet it does little to prepare students for their future career.  Read More

    Leftist Discrimination Continues

    6/27/2013 1:55:18 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    The question remains, is racial preference through affirmative action constitutional? Because this decision did not fully answer the constitutionality of racial preference, colleges and many universities will continue to unfairly evaluate the merits of students. Anthony calls it modern discrimination. Read More

    Comedy Central Viewers Want Less Government

    6/25/2013 5:00:22 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    According to a survey launched by Young American's Foundation and conducted by the polling company, inc., nearly twice as many students believe that the federal government is mostly hurting economic recovery. Even with rampant statements from leftists and their comrades in the media, many students across the country believe that government involvement is hurting the economy and want the government to get out of the way.        Read More

    Conservatives on the Rise: JR Ridley Joins the YAF Team

    6/25/2013 2:26:57 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    JR Ridley is a rising sophomore at Vanderbilt University, which is where Young America's Foundation was originally founded. JR is active with his campus conservative group and has been conservative for as long as he can remember.  JR is excited to be working with the staff at the Reagan Ranch Center this summer and is proud to be interning with an organization that so ardently works to promote freedom in America today.  Read More

    Young America's Foundation Applauds the United States Supreme Court

    6/24/2013 6:07:10 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    Young America's Foundation believes any consideration of race in college admissions violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Abigail Fisher should not have been denied admittance from the University of Texas due to racial preferences. The Foundation applauds the United States Supreme Court on their ruling in favor of further inspection of race-based admissions.   Read More

    High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch

    6/18/2013 5:39:17 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    In order to prepare high school students for liberal academia, Young America's Foundation's will be hosting a High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch from June 20 to June 22. Students from all around the country will hear from prominent conservative speakers about the application and relevance of President Ronald Reagan's ideas.  Read More

    Historic Leaders Pave the Road to Prosperity

    6/18/2013 3:09:27 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    In order for students to truly understand the meaning of freedom and prosperity, they must develop an intimate understanding of our past experiences. As conservatives it is our job to know exactly what it is that we are trying to conserve, and why we are trying to conserve it. Read More

    Wisconsin University Doubles Down on Liberal Bias Shows Need for YAF Lecture Series

    6/12/2013 11:35:24 AM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is spending an additional $52,000 on the Whitewater's Contemporary Public Issues lecture series. Topics next year include electric cars, plastic, immigration, and agriculture. The lecture series has no topics or speakers supporting free markets, tax reform, or smaller government.  Read More

    Progressive Policies Harm Youth Employment

    6/10/2013 5:46:32 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    Foundation intern Eduardo, describes a recent policy discussion I attended in New York City where progressives pushed to increase the city's minimum wage. Ed explains how youth employment would be affected if the living wage was raised to such high levels. Read More

    Conservatives on the Rise: Brendon Najm Joins the YAF Team!

    6/10/2013 4:56:50 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    Young America's Foundation is please to introduce our new intern, Brendon Najm. Brendon is the chairman of the newly formed Young Americans for Freedom Chapter at Canisius College. Read More

    Conservatives on the Rise: Ben Smith Joins the YAF Team!

    6/10/2013 4:20:42 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    Ben Smith, senior at UNC, joins the YAF team as an intern at the Foundation's headquarters. Ben is strong conservative activist on campus and has a passion to expose liberal bias. Read More

    Conservatives on the Rise: Eduardo Joins the YAF Team!

    6/10/2013 3:08:32 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    Young America's Foundation is pleased welcome our newest team member, Eduardo Miranda. Ed is serving as a Sarah T. Hermann Scholar at Young America's Foundation headquarters this summer. He is a member of the Army Reserves, as well as an active student attending The King's College. Read More

    The Daily Caller: DePaul University Presented 'College Stupidity Award' for Trampling on YAF Chapter

    6/6/2013 5:13:15 PM Posted by Kate Cortes
    DePaul University presented the "Most flagrant vandalism of a memorial for dead babies" award for trampling on the YAF chapter.  Read More

    JUST ANNOUNCED: Senator Mike Lee to speak at the National Conservative Student Conference

    6/6/2013 4:23:53 PM Posted by Katie Taran
    Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce that Senator Mike Lee is confirmed to speak at this summer’s National Conservative Student Conference.   Now in its 35th year, this conference will take place from July 29 to August 3 at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Read More

    Activating the 'Left Coast'

    6/6/2013 11:43:32 AM Posted by Kate Cortes
    Gabriella Morrongiello describes how YAF helps her activism at OSU on the "left coast."  Read More

    McElhinney, McAleer Screen FrackNation at the Reagan Ranch Center

    6/4/2013 4:33:59 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    After hearing that Josh Fox planned a screening of Gasland 2 at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the Reagan Ranch decided to have their own screening of FrackNation. Read More

    Conservatives on the Rise: Hillary Cherry Joins the YAF Team!

    6/3/2013 5:14:35 PM Posted by Cheri Cerame
    Hillary Cherry, a recent graduate of Purdue University, has joined the YAF team as a Program Officer focusing on Public Relations. Read More

    Conservatives on the Rise: Wierenga Joins the YAF Team

    6/3/2013 4:47:42 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    Savanna Wierenga is one of the newest interns at the Reagan Ranch Center! Savanna is Event Chair for the Hillsdale Young Americans for Freedom.  Read More

    Conservatives on the Rise: Olivia Mountz Joins the YAF Team

    6/3/2013 12:02:43 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry
    Olivia is a junior at the University of Arizona. Olivia began her career as a conservative activist as a high school student attending one of our high school conferences at the Reagan Ranch. As a student activist, Olivia plays an avid role in spreading the conservative message. Read More
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