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Campus Initiatives and Activism 

USD 9/11 DisplayYoung America's Foundation provides conservative students with the necessary information, tools, and resources to effectively advance conservative ideas on their college on high school campus.  The resources and initiatives listed below are only a few of the activism ideas that are available for young conservatives to organize across the country. 

Resist Obama Fliers

Respect All Women Posters

Celebrate Ronald Reagan's Birthday

March Liberal Madness

GPA Tax Day Video Contest

Save the Earth from Environmental Extremism  

9/11: Never Forget Project

No More Che Day

Who is Dividing Our Campus?

Freedom Week

The Campus Activism Guide

The Campus Activism Guide provides specific activism ideas you can organize each month of the school year including how to:

  • Remember those murdered in the September 11 terrorist attacks
  • Celebrate Freedom Week
  • Organize a No More Che Day
  • End divisive race-based programs on campus
  • Adopt the Ronald Reagan Model of Campus Activism, and more! 

The Campus Activism Guide is not available at this time.

Distribute "Resist Obama" Fliers

Resist Flier ImageFour years later the less people are employed, the national debt continues to increase, and the Youth Misery Index is at an all-time high. President Obama has spent one out of every ten days on a college campus since taking office. Re-energize your conservative membership by posting this flyer around campus. There is room on the flyer to add your club's contact information. Please note the flier is designed to printed on legal sized paper. Download it now!




Distribute "Government Can't Ban These Guns" Fliers

Reagan IconSurviving an assassination attempt in March 1981just 69 days into his PresidencyPresident Reagan fought against anti-gun Leftists throughout his time in office. A strong leader and champion of the Second Amendment which guarantees all Americans the right to bear arms, Reagan's message rings true as much today as ever. Fire up campus conservatives by posting this flyer around campus. Download it now!


Celebrate Ronald Reagan's Birthday on February 6

New RR flier 20Ronald Reagan is considered one of America’s greatest presidents. Sadly, college and high school faculty and administrators rarely share an optimistic or uplifting view of Ronald Reagan. Furthermore, many assigned text books attack Ronald Reagan and his presidency. One widely distributed text book, A History of the U.S., describes Reagan’s presidency as "budget-busting, criminal-ridden, [and] trigger-happy." A leading national guide for teachers calls Reagan "a cheerleader for selfishness."

President Reagan, in many of his speeches, often touched on the importance of individual freedom, limited government, and free markets and even warned against political correctness. You can easily post fliers or distribute leaflets featuring quotes by President Reagan. You may want to obtain one of the following books: In the Words of Ronald Reagan by his son, Michael, or The Quotable Ronald Reagan by Peter Hannaford.  In addition to posting flyers, your club may choose to:

  • Host a table in the student union to distribute literature on President Reagan.
  • Schedule a film festival showcasing President Reagan’s most popular speeches or movies.
  • Celebrate his birthday with a party for your club members.

You can also distribute these free  Reagan Reality fliers.

March Liberal Madness

Your club can dedicate a week towards the end of March to highlight the most outrageous statements made by liberal leaders. The Left never hesitates to remind the public when a conservative misspeaks. Yet many outlandish remarks made by prominent liberals go unnoticed by the general public and the media.

You can use a bracket system similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament to highlight sixteen of the most radical liberals and their extreme statements. This activity will encourage participation from other students and, if marketed correctly, build anticipation as to who will be voted by students as the "maddest" liberal in the country.

Young America’s Foundation has already compiled a list of sixteen liberal leaders and their top "moment of madness."

Begin by reserving a table in the student union or another high traffic area on campus for the entire week. Announce your plans to the local and campus press and advertise that students can come by your location to begin voting.

Create your bracket system on a dry erase board, chalk board, or poster board that can be displayed by your table. On each bracket, include the name and the picture of each leftist. Consider purchasing Velcro strips that can be attached to each name to allow you to move the name to the next series of brackets.

Did You Know? Posters

Proudly display these "Respect All Women" posters on campus. Click on each poster to download the PDF's. 

 Sandra Fluke and Laura Ingraham Poster  Vincianne Ngomsi Sarah Palin Respect All Women Poster
 Sarah Palin Respect All Women Poster 2 Michelle Malkin Respect All Women Poster S.E. Cupp Respect All Women Poster

GPA Tax Day Video Contest

Your liberal classmates believe it is moral to confiscate money from hard-working Americans and entrepreneurs and give it to those who didn’t earn it, yet what will they say when you ask them to apply that same philosophy to their grade point averages? 

Young America’s Foundation invites you to film your fellow students’ reactions when you ask them to pledge their support to grant your school’s administration the power to redistribute grade point averages to those who are not high academic achievers.

We have created a “petition” for your group to use on tax day, April 18, to educate your peers about the immorality of socialism. 

Read more about the contest here! 

Save the Earth from Environmental Extremism

Earth Day Flier 3Leftists use Earth day to advance their big-government agenda. Most environmentalists believe the use of government force is the only way to solve environmental problems.

Your club can encourage rational debate on environmental issues by directly confronting doom-and-gloomers and those duped by their claims.

Many campuses celebrate Earth Day and schedule an Earth Day Fair consisting of tables sponsored by other "earth friendly" organizations, music, and other forms of entertainment. Your school’s student-run environmental group usually spearheads this event.

Your club should contact the sponsoring organization and ask if information tables are available. If so, reserve one for your group. Distribute fliers provided below and other materials. We can also help you schedule speakers such as Christopher Horner, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism and Red Hot Lies to expose the global warming mythology.

  flier 1  ,  flier 2 ,  flier 3 ,  flier 4

9/11: Never Forget Project

San Deigo Mirarmar CollegeEach year Young America's Foundation helps students across the country properly remember the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks through our 9/11: Never Forget Project. Young America's Foundation began this program in 2003 when we discovered that most college campuses were either completely ignoring the anniversary or holding a politically correct event instead.

You can unite your campus community to properly remember the victims of the terrorist attacks by taking part in Young America's Foundation's 9/11: Never Forget Project.

Young America's Foundation will provide you with ideas and information on how to:

  • Establish an American flag memorial on campus consisting of 2,977 American flags representing each person tragically killed in the terrorist attacks.
  • Schedule a campus-wide moment of silence or prayer on September 11, at 9:11 a.m.
  • Host a conservative speaker at your school.
  • Provide you with free buttons, posters and other materials to distribute on the anniversary.

Click here to order your 9/11:Never Forget box

No More Che Day

Che Poster Graphic ShadowChe Guevara was an international terrorist and mass murderer. During his vicious campaigns to impose Communism on countries throughout Latin America, Che Guevara trained and motivated the Castro regime's firing squads that executed thousands of men, women, and children.

For decades, the Left tried to glorify murderers and thugs like Lenin, Mao, and even Stalin. They are discredited today because people know about their evil deeds. Che is more obscure. He is one notorious figure who is idolized by the Left and hailed as a "hero," yet most students never learn the truth about his cult of violence.

Use the anniversary of Che's death on October 9 to educate the campus community about Che's atrocities. Young America's Foundation can provide you with free copies of our "Victims of Che Guevara" poster and other downloadable fliers.

Who is Really Dividing Your Campus?

The Left champions its version of "diversity" which is defined solely by racial categories. The Left assumes that one's race determines one's worldview and life experiences. Additionally, the Left is not interested in a diversity of ideas; it simply embraces and works to advance a liberal agenda.

Leftist students, professors, and administrators are often the first to intimidate, attack, and silence conservatives when they speak out. What is diverse about a campus where people of different races or cultures all share the same point-of-view? A university monopolized by Leftist ideas is the antithesis of diversity.

Distribute these fliers to expose the Left's misconstrued version of diversity.


 Embrace Conservatism  Embrace All Ideas Flyer
  Embrace Conservatism PDF Left's Distortion of Diversity


Freedom Week

For the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, rally students on your campus to stand up to those who want to restrict freedom by giving more power to the federal government by tearing down a mock Berlin Wall on your campus.

The Obama administration, professors, and campus leftists endless preach government control to solve policy problems. Your group can warn students about the endless misery, rationing, and despair that results from socialist policies and question why many leftist students and professors still advocate these concepts. 

Learn more about what you can do during Freedom Week.

Christmas Tree Drop

Sadly, Christmas has become politically incorrect. "Holiday break" has replaced "Christmas break." The word "Christmas" is also absent in most official university literature. Christmas trees have been removed from campus administration buildings, and campus choirs have been banned from singing religious Christmas carols.

Your club can draw attention to your school’s efforts to erase Christmas by launching a Christmas Tree Drop. Read more about it in the  Campus Conservative Battleplan . 

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