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Conservative Calendar, Posters, & Books

Young America's Foundation advances conservative ideas through conferences, campus lectures, and valuable student resources, including posters that make a statement!  Our posters hang in the home, office, and dorm rooms across America's campuses.

Dr. Milton Friedman wrote, "I have found no more effective comeuppance to the pretensions of  our left-wing gurus than Young America's Foundation's wall poster featuring  Reagan's predictions of the collapse of the Soviet Union. I look forward to  many more such ten-strikes from Young America's Foundation."

Below you will find posters and books that are available through the Foundation. Please call Dede Hamilton at 800-USA-1776 to order.

*Prices do not include shipping. Foundation posters, placards, calendars, and booklets are not available for resell. Only one free poster per student.

 Palin Poster Reagan 100 Poster  Reagan Column 100 250  
 Palin Poster FREE plus shipping Palin Poster FREE plus shipping Palin Poster FREE plus shipping
Reagan Quote Poster
 Che Guevara Poster
Conservative Books Poster

  Palin Poster FREE plus shipping poster prices  
God In the Temples of Government Poster
 I Love Capitalism Poster  
 Myth of the Robber Barons
 The Constitution
Small booklet of historical documents.
 Myth of the Robber Barons 995 call for prices    
 The Myth of the Robber Barons - Dr. Burt Folsom      
$14.95 plus shipping
 The Conservatives 1$14.95 plus shipping



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