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Making a Difference Through Our Lecture Program

 Rove at Yale

 "On the matter of your lecture series, these are experiences of infinite importance. As recently as last night, a 42-year old affluent influential conservative told an audience of 400 people that his orientation came from hearing such a talk (yes, by me) at Cornell when he was a sophomore. So I do hope that your important Foundation will be able to continue to support such appearances in the years ahead." – William F. Buckley

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 Making a Difference Through Our Initiatives Program

  Clemson 9/11

"The Campus Conservative Battleplan rallies students to tear down wall of liberal dominance on campus." – The Washington Times 

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Making a Difference Through Our Conferences

  Conferences yes

 "I've learned more this past week than I did in my entire year of school last year at Gonzaga [University]."- Paul Schafer Gonzaga University

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Making a Difference Through the Reagan Ranch

 Ranch programs

 "I still cannot believe that I had the privilege to go and see Ronald Reagan's ranch. Seeing the Ranch has helped me understand how great a man he really was." – Megan McNeil, Academy High School

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Making a Difference Through Advancing Your Ideas

Embrace Conservatism

"Conservatives are making quick advances on even the most liberal campuses―and YAF's millions are no small reason."

- Time Magazine, August 30, 2004

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"Young America's Foundation is one of the only organizations leading the charge to restore the military's rightful presence to campuses."

– Lt. Colonel Scott Rutter

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