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  •  Diversity HandsBy Brendan Pringle

    The latest case of blatant indoctrination has been uncovered at a public school in Delavan, Wisconsin.

    Delavan-Darien High School is currently offering a crash course on critical race theory under the clever guise of "American Diversity". The course is part of the school's "Education and Training" Career Cluster, which seeks to prepare students for the world of academia and other education-related fields.

    But rather than offering students a survey of the richness of our nation's diversity, the course promotes none other than an "us versus them" mentality, and requires its students to read divisive materials from some of the Left's most radical mouthpieces.

    As a preface, the students were given an uncited definition of "white privilege":

    In critical race theory, white privilege is a set of advantages that are believed to be enjoyed by white people beyond those commonly experienced by non-white people in the same social, political, and economic spaces (nation, community, workplace, income, etc).

    This was followed by a series of materials that elaborates on the problem of "white privilege."

    One of the handouts was a published newspaper article by University of Texas professor Robert Jensen, who suggests that any argument against racial preferences exposes the ingrained prejudices of our society. The article also argues:

    "Until we let go of the fiction that people have complete control over their fate - that we can will ourselves to be anything we choose - then we will live with that fear…There is not space here to list all the ways in which white privilege plays out in our daily lives, but it is clear that I will carry this privilege with me until the day white supremacy is erased from society."

    Another worksheet was a portion of Peggy McIntosh's "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" which lists 50 examples of racial privilege in society, including:

     17. I can talk with my mouth full and not have people put this down to my color.

    39. I can be late to a meeting without having the lateness reflect on my race.

    46. I can chose [sic] blemish cover or bandages in "flesh" color and have them more or less match my skin.

    Perhaps the most extreme assignment was a worksheet with questions based on a lecture by race-baiting lecturer Tim Wise. The questions included:

     2. Why is the colorblind model of America ineffective?

    3. Why is it important to talk about whiteness in America?

    And the most thought-provoking (or rather, absurd) question:

    7. Explain the irony of the phrase "United We Stand".

    In addition to these worksheets, the students were told to go to the local Walmart and count the number of toys that "represented black kids" in comparison to the number of toys that "represented white kids".

    One student's mother voiced her complaints to the superintendent, who has decided to arrange a meeting with the district's curriculum director. However, in what appears to be an attempt at intimidation, the superintendent said she will also be bringing an African-American and Latino-American to the meeting.

    This course offers a snapshot of a larger trend that has plagued university curriculum for years and has only recently crept into high school classrooms.

    Professors and teachers are increasingly telling white students that they are part of the problem of racism, and are telling black students that they are second class citizens. This race-baiting technique is an attack on American values and can only breed bitterness and envy.

    UPDATE: After learning of this story from The New Guard, Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio directly contacted Delavan-Darien School District superintendent Robert Crist for comment. As a result, the class is undergoing an evaluation and will not be taught again (if ever) until this process is complete. Read the full story.

    Brendan Pringle is a Development Officer with Young America's Foundation's Reagan Ranch Center.

    • Readers' Comments

    • Just another fear tactic from the Left to coerce, bully and intimidate anyone who does not fall into line with their way of thinking.Instead of combating racism,they seem to be promoting it for their own personal gain. Thank you for this article.It is a subject that is near and dear to my heart.I want to be respected as an individual for my character, my talents, and my heart,not just because I am a Latina.This is a subject that needs to be revisited often.
      Posted by Spicy Mexican Salsa on 01/14/2013
    • White privilege was also taught in my business course at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and students were even sent to the white privilege conference every year which was fully funded by student dollars. The business course basically told us that because white people are white, they will get hired without any issues and that they have a better chance to succeed because of their color while minorities will not be given nearly as many opportunities due to bias. Even my most liberal friends called it the "White Guilt" class.
      Posted by UW Student on 01/14/2013
    • "White guilt " is the reverse side of "ethnic pride". "Ethnic pride" has given humanity genocides throughout history, in recent times the Holocaust, Rwanda and the wars in the former Yugoslavia. What is there to be proud of about belonging to one ethnic group over another? Should I as a "white guy" be any more proud about Thomas Edison having invented the light bulb than if he had been a "black guy"? Should my "black guy" neighbor take special pride in the accomplishments of George Washington Carver because they happen to share the same skin pigmentation? Hell, I had nothing to do with the invention of the light bulb, and my neighbor had nothing to do with botany! We can at most be justifiably proud about our own achievements. People who seek pride in belonging to one ethnic group compared to another ethnic group obviously find difficulty finding pride in their individual abilities and accomplishments. So they look for confirmation of their importance by latching onto the achievements of people who have the same ethnic background. It's so much easier for the stupids in this world to claim credit for what someone else has done than to admit their own mediocrity. Then there are the actual and wannabe leaders who exploit ethnic pride and its counterpart, ethnic guilt. Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese imperialists raised exploiting ethnic pride to a fine art and set the world on fire in WWII. After WWII, ethnic guilt led especially Germans who were born long after 1945 to feel personal guilt about the crimes of the former generations, and billions upon billions have been sucked out of the Germans for decades as a result. In the United States, an entire industry has grown out of exploiting "white guilt" to gain personal political and financial advantage five generations after the abolition of slavery and two generations after institutional discrimination was eliminated by civil rights legislation. American universities are fertile ground for well paying careers devoted to furthering ethnic division, as this article by Brendan Pringle so clearly shows. There is nothing wrong about learning about ethnic diversity and history, but the sins of past generations are no reason to continue the stupidity. For example, my mother lost her family in the Holocaust, yet I lived in Germany for many years and my wife is German. I never once felt any animosity against "the Germans" as a race, nor have I ever felt that the slaughter of my grandparents somehow lends me special "victim" status. The individual is important, not the ethnicity. Talking with a mouth full of food (disgusting) has nothing to do with a person's race; rather, it is a sign of the person's lack of manners. Feeling superior (or inferior/guilt) because of ethnicity has nothing to do with pride; rather, it is clear evidence of stupidity.
      Posted by Christopher Arend on 01/15/2013
    • To believe that white privilege does not exist in our culture is as delusional as some of the stuff that Robert Jensen and Peggy McIntosh ascribe to the existence of it. Like sexism, it exists and it is insidious. However, our responsibility lies not in attempting to shame our white youth with the sins of their fathers; rather, our responsibility lies in instructing them in how to both recognize and stand against the influences of racism in all its forms, including this newest, which is attempting to stereotype whites based on the bigoted opinions of an elitist minority. The most obvious debacle with this latest bigotry is that by tearing down the character of some in order to build up the character of others, it imparts only a false and fleeting sense of worth to those it supposedly is aimed at helping, and ultimately it does nothing to remove any actual disparity in the levels of the playing field.
      Posted by monkeymug; aka gary on 01/15/2013
    • "White Privilege" with associated required guilt is alive and well in all major US public universities. You can find them in courses at all levels under the guise of multicultural education.
      Posted by roger barnhart on 01/15/2013
    • Dr. Martin Luther King believed that ALL men are created equal, as outlined in our Beloved Constitution. True, through much strife and terrible hostility to the point of death, his dream was realized. I agree with him, as we both rely on Gods Word as the only truth there really is. I have been victim to reverse discrimination, but through fallen man, any real answers go through moronic procedures until the truth is stumbled upon. Unfortunately, many still have their blinders on, some from misinformation(or lack thereof), and some for personal gain. All becuase of sin. However, many people of all races hold the truth to be self evident, and yes, we are armed, for protection against those without concience. America, we weep for you. Wake up and be accountable.
      Posted by David on 01/22/2013
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    • This is a form of dehumanization towards white people based on a color of skin. It is dehumanizing. There were many 'whites' that fought and DIED for African Americans to become free. There were also white slaves and there were Africans that sold their own kind. It is prejudice, oppressive and discriminatory to blame an entire race for what is only perception today. If a African American or Native gets a scholarship based on race, wouldn't this be a current day 'color' privilege? If African Americans are celebrated and have a whole month dedicated to their heritage over 'whites' isn't this a 'color' privilege? It seems to me what separates man and animal is the ability to hate and spread propaganda and fear.
      Posted by So Sad on 03/14/2013
    • 84 whites are murdered in the USA by blacks for every 1 black that is murdered by a white. That sure is some white privilege!
      Posted by the media sucks on 04/16/2013
    • In 2009 30,000+ white women were raped by black men in the USA. In 2009 according to the depart of just. 0 to 5 black women were raped by white men in the USA. That sure is some white privilege!
      Posted by on 04/16/2013
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    • What do you like doing in your spare time? <a href=" ">diflucan de 100mg</a> Almost a month after the Westgate attack, Gethenji said it was still unclear if more gunmen than the four seen in the CCTV footage had been involved in the attacks. Kenyan authorities initially said up to 15 militants took part in the assault with automatic weapons and grenades but Gethenji said six was more likely.
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    • Do you know what extension he's on? phentermine prescription doctor Of course, the plain fact is that building societies, and banks, enjoy the benefit of a taxpayer subsidy each time they dip into the Bank of England's FLS. House buyers also enjoy this subsidy and will feel further benefit when the second part of the taxpayer-funded Help to Buy mortgage scheme kicks in next year.
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