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  • As reported in The Blaze and Human Events, Isabella Foxen, a junior at La Reina High School, applied to start a Young Americas for Freedom chapter at her school. Her application—which garnered 86 student co-signers—was rejected by La Reina's administrators who claimed that Young America's Foundation, which operates Young Americans for Freedom, is too "militant."

    Young America's Foundation helps students with activism (helping organize events like 9/11: Never Forget Project and Freedom Week) and runs conferences and seminars for conservative students across the country, many of which are at the Reagan Ranch (which the Foundation saved in 1998). Far from militant, YAF helps teach thousands of students each year about American Exceptionalism, free markets, and traditional values.

    Isabella was inspired to start a YAF chapter after she attended a conference which included a tour of the Reagan Ranch and speeches from notable conservative leaders. For the first time, Isabella speaks out herself on her blocked efforts to start a YAF chapter:

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