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Mastering Conservative Rhetoric in the Battle of Ideas

June 06, 2010

Hyatt Capitol Hill Washington, D.C.

Full-time college students and young professionals will attend Young America's Foundation seminar on Mastering Conservative Rhetoric in the Battle of Ideas at the Hyatt Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., from June 6-9, 2010. DC1

President Ronald Reagan was a skillful debater and an artful orator and he used classic American rhetoric to convince others to embrace his policies.  He was also able to encourage staunch opponents in Congress to pass the largest cut in tax rates in American history. Furthermore, President Reagan’s effective use of rhetoric brought forward the largest peace-time economic expansion in American history and led to the defeat of the Soviet Union.

Today, conservative leaders have struggled to effectively advocate our ideas. Alternatively, President Obama used effective oratory skills, coupled with the use of new media outlets, to entice the American public.  His use of rhetoric, along with the support of the mainstream media and college professors, led to a powerful shift to renewed trust in big government among Washington’s elites.

 This program will train rising young leaders to master the use of rhetoric to effectively advance conservative principles.  It will be led by Foundation board member Wynton Hall and will feature speakers Marc Thiessen, Bay Buchanan, Dr. Martin Medhurst, Senator Jim DeMint, and more.   

At this Young America’s Foundation program, you will:  

  • Explore the methods and presentation styles of the Conservative Movement’s most effective communicators, including Ronald Reagan.Dinner
  • Engage in small discussion groups with fellow participants to actively hone your message
  • Learn concrete strategies to communicate conservative values to others in your community
  • Utilize new media effectively to reach new audiences with a conservative message.
  • And more!
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