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2014 Reagan Ranch Roundtable Dinner featuring Paul Kengor

February 21, 2014

Santa Barbara, California

 2014 Paul Kengor Roundtable

"Dr. Paul Kengor's work on Reagan continues the great president's legacy wish to teach, as well as lead. Kengor's keen analysis of Reagan's conservatism will inform and inspire the next generation of conservative leaders as they take up the mantle of the "sacred realities" that so inspired the Gipper. Respect for individual, adherence to the virtues of the family, lower taxes and a less burdensome government are the values that Reagan fought for, and the standards that should direct the path of his acolytes that follow. Dr. Kengor has proven he is one of those acolytes who will ensure that the legacy of Reagan never dims."

 Senator Rand Paul, (R-KY)


:  Friday, February 21, 2014
:  5:30 pm - Reception
6:30 pm - Dinner            « Note: Evening Event!
:  $45/person
            Full-time, Undergraduate Students: FREE (RSVP is still required)

:         to Caroline Corazza at (805) 957-1980


In 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative, biographer Paul Kengor analyzes Ronald Reagan's speeches and actions to paint a full, accurate picture of his beliefs. Kengor identifies these principles that lie at the crux of Reagan's conservatism; Freedom, Faith, Family, Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life, American Exceptionalism, The Founders' Wisdom and Vision, Lower Taxes, Limited Government, Peace Through Strength, Anti-Communism, and Belief in the Individual. And it is through these principles that Reagan's modern emulators may create a successful, conservative future. 

Many a politician has asked: What would Reagan do if he were president now? Where would Reagan stand on today's issues? Who is the next Ronald Reagan? Paul Kengor dissects Reagan's presidency and provides decisive conclusions. The answers to some of these questions may surprise conservatives and liberals alike.



Dr. Paul Kengor is a New York Times best-selling author and professor of political science at Grove City College, a four-year, private Christian liberal arts college in Grove City, Pennsylvania, one hour north of Pittsburgh. He is executive director of The Center for Vision & Values, a Grove City College think-tank/policy center. He is also a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford University. His articles have appeared in numerous publications from across the ideological spectrum: the New York TimesNew York PostNational ReviewSan Francisco ChronicleWashington TimesUSA Today, St. Louis Post-DispatchRoll CallWeekly StandardWall Street JournalPhiladelphia InquirerChristianity Today World magazine, National Catholic ReporterNational Catholic RegisterOur Sunday VisitorJewish PressJewish World ReviewInternational Herald TribuneManchester Union Leader, and others.

In addition to 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative, Dr. Kengor has written many books, including The Crusader: Ronald Reagan & the Fall of CommunismGod and Hillary ClintonThe Judge: William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan’s Top HandThe Communist, Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor; God and Ronald Reagan; and God and George W. Bush.

Kengor is a frequent contributor to MSNBC, C-SPAN, NPR, PCN-TV, EWTN, and FoxNewsChannel, and is regular columnist for Townhall and the American Spectator. He has appeared on many TV shows, including “Hannity & Colmes,” “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Tony Snow Live,” “Fox & Friends,” the “700 Club,” and “Scarborough Country.” He has done hundreds of radio-talk shows, including the shows of Sean Hannity, Diane Rehm (NPR), Michael Reagan, Warren Olney (NPR), Glenn Beck, Janet Parshall’s America, Truths that Transform with D. James Kennedy, Dennis Praeger, Michael Medved, G. Gordon Liddy, Linda Chavez, Kresta in the Afternoon, Jim Quinn, Stand to Reason with Greg Koukl, and Laura Ingraham. Hosts like Rush Limbaugh have discussed his work on air. He does a regular commentary for three nationally syndicated radio programs: American Radio Journal, Moody Broadcasting, and Ave Maria Radio Network /

Kengor is a frequent public speaker. His past venues include the National Presbyterian Church, the Reagan Library, the National Press Club, the U.S. Capitol Building, the Commonwealth (Pennsylvania) Prayer Breakfast, the Heritage Foundation, the Gerald R. Ford Library, the Witherspoon Fellowship Program, among many others. He has also spoken at many colleges, including the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, the College of William & Mary, Eureka College, the Ave Maria College School of Law (Ann Arbor, MI), Calvin College, Franciscan University, Regent University, Claremont McKenna College, Saint Vincent College, Patrick Henry College, the University of Pittsburgh, Drexel University, DePaul University, Wabash College, and more.

Kengor, a native of Western Pennsylvania, lives with his wife in Grove City, Pa., along with their seven children.

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